When we talk about affordable suits, we usually mean suits costing less than $500. But while we all love a bargain, nobody wants to end up looking cheap.

Any outfit is an investment, and I’m here to help you find a suit that’s good quality. Yet, still affordable.

One of the major differences between expensive and affordable suits is that cheaper suits are off-the-rack or made-to-measure.

Expensive suits are bespoke, which means they are cut to fit your exact measurements. They need several fittings during the process, and of course, this all adds to the cost.

But don’t despair. If you’re an average-sized man with a limited budget, you can certainly find affordable suits, yet still high-quality. Besides, it can make you look good too.

Top 15 Best Affordable Suits

If you’re young and have just started working, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to afford a high-end suit. At least, not yet.

But you still want to look smart and professional, right?

Well, we’ve got some great news. Even if you’re getting your suits off the rack, there are some quality, affordable suits. Some of them are made-to-measure, too. You just need to know what to look for.

Check out the following suit reviews to help you choose from some of the best affordable suits, especially if you don’t have the time or money to waste.

Calvin Klein Slim-fit Suit: Separates

Navy stretch slim-fit suit by Calvin KleinOne of the best features of this chic suit by Calvin Klein is that it’s sold as separates. I love this because not everybody is one-size-fits-all. And that extends to a person’s torso.

Some bodies aren’t as proportional as clothing manufacturers believe, so separates are a blessing.

The material for this suit is a wool blend, with a bit of lycra spandex in the mix. Thanks to the spandex, this suit is great for movement; it doesn’t feel restrictive.

You can choose between black, navy, charcoal grey, or blue. However, I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to order one in each color.

The suit jacket is a two-button enclosure with flap pockets. The jacket collar is a notch lapel, making this an excellent suit for work or cocktail events.

The pants sit low on the waist, extending the suit’s modern vibe. As is fitting a slim-fit suit, the pant legs are tapered down the length of the leg.

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Suitsupply Blue Wool Slim-fit Suit

blue wool slim-fit suit by SuitSupplyHere’s a stunning pure wool offering from SuitSupply, imported from Italy.

SuitSupply customizes all the options on their suits, so customers can get exactly what they want. However, some customizations can increase your price.

This suit jacket has light padding on the shoulders and a single button enclosure. In addition, it has a boat-shaped breast pocket, just perfect for holding your elegant pocket square.

These fashionable suit pants are flat-front style and have a hook and button closing. Perhaps the best feature on these pants, though, is the inclusion of an after-dinner split.

You’ll be grateful for this after a few dinner parties.

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Tomasso Black Italian Wool Suit

Tomasso Black slim-fit wool blue suitProduced of high-quality Italian wool (100% Merino wool), this blue suit looks utterly beautiful and high fashion.

The suit jacket is fully lined, comfortable to wear, and allows a wide range of motion. It features a two-button closure and a notch lapel.

The pants have a double-button closure with a zip fly. Also, they are not hemmed; this enables you to easily customize the length to your measurement.

The reason behind their allure is simple: high-quality material and luxurious design for an affordable price.

Also, it’s available in both slim and modern fit. The list of choices extends with color, as it’s available in black, navy, light grey, and charcoal.

The superb lining makes it great for all formal events, including weddings and business meetings.

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Hockerty Royal Blue Perfect-Fit Suit

Royal blue wool blends suit by HockertyHockerty offers the best customizable and made-to-measure suits online.

You’ll be amazed when you check all the possible features you can design on your suit and compare the price with the quality.

Why the perfect fit label? Because they adjust their suits according to your exact measurements to ensure a perfect suit fit. Let’s take the royal blue wool blends suit as an example:

This suit’s design makes you look modern and sharp. It’s made of nice-quality wool-blend material (80% wool and 20% terylene), making it comfortable, soft, and smooth.

The jacket has one button closure and three flapped pockets, which makes you look very stylish. It has a notched lapel and a pretty slim cut on the shoulders.

But keep in mind that all details are customizable, including the color, the pockets, and the lapel.

Pants are flat front and middle-waisted, characteristic of the slim-fit design. Thanks to their 3D customizer, you can customize the waist, as you can customize whether they can come with or without pant cuffs.

Hockerty offers a plethora of affordable suits perfect for all kinds of settings and meetings, including all types of formal events. They are the best price-per-quality deal for me.

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Express Classic Solid Charcoal Suit

Classic solid charcoal suit by ExpressWhat’s not to love about this low-maintenance suit? You can pop it into the washing machine when it needs refreshing. And since it’s wrinkle-free, you can feel confident whenever you wear it.

The suit jacket and suit pants are also sold as separates. They are made from a polyester blend infused with spandex, so you won’t feel restricted when you move about your day.

This classic fit suit is fully lined and only comes in charcoal, which is super versatile. The two-button suit jacket has flap pockets, with a welt breast pocket and a center vent.

The pants have slanted pockets in the front and back welt pockets with button closures.

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Suitsupply Grey Wool Slim-fit Suit

grey wool slim-fit suit by SuitSupplyHere’s a similar Italian suit, also by Suitsupply. This dark grey suit is 100% pure wool and is eligible for the same customizations as all other Suitsupply suits.

The jacket has a notched lapel and padded shoulders. It’s single-breasted, with two buttons. The pants are flat front and also, mercifully, have an after-dinner split.

This suit is ideal for all of your professional business dealings. Whether you’re going for a job interview or a board meeting, you’ll make a huge impression in this beautiful suit.

SuitSupply is an incredible company not only for its customizations but for its sustainability. Also, they work toward fair trade practices and are CO2 neutral.

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Kenneth Cole Reaction Slim-fit Suit

Kenneth Cole Reaction slim-fit black suitYou’ll be able to purchase this versatile suit in any number of colors and prints. In addition, it’s made from a polyester blend, which is fantastic for mobility. This slim-fit suit can go from the office to the dance floor.

The suit jacket features flap pockets at the front and a notch collar. Since notch collars are the most common type of lapel, you can wear this suit for almost any occasion, depending on the color of the suit.

The suit pants have a flat front, which puts this suit firmly in the contemporary column. In addition, they come unhemmed, which only makes them better.

The odds are that you’d have to take them to the tailor anyhow to get the length correct. So they just leave them unfinished and make the tailor’s job easier since he doesn’t need to remove any stitching.

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Calvin Klein X Slim Fit Suit

Calvin Klein X slim fit suitThis suit has a distinguishable fabric (100% wool) for Calvin Klein, allowing high comfort and movement. If you want to take your office wear to the next level, this is one of the best suits for the job.

The jacket features a notch lapel and has a two-button closure. The fit makes it slim through the chest and shoulders.

The pants are straight and un-hemmed and can be tailored to your length. The waist is slimmed, too, just like the hips and thighs.

The suit fabric makes it ideal for an everyday suit, perfect for business and formal occasions. Wearing it as a wedding suit will guarantee elegance and distinction from the others.

Keep in mind that this is an extra-slim fit suit. So if you are in-between numbers, you might want to choose the larger one.

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Tommy Hilfiger Modern Fit Suit

Tommy Hilfiger modern fit suitThis iconically designed American suit is made of very particular fabric (52% wool, 46% polyester, and 2% spandex) for Tommy Hilfiger.

The modern fit is typical for the brand, positioning the suit somewhere between slim and classic fit. This suit has a stylish and modern appearance and is perfect for all seasons.

The jacket’s two-button closure and notch lapels are combined with the eased shoulder and chest modern fit.

The pants are upgraded with a gentle taper but are very comfortable and easy to wear. As I always recommend, visit a tailor to have your pants shortened and tapered perfectly for your size.

The fabric provides a lot of comfort and movement. Thus, it makes this suit perfect for various business occasions, long working hours, or other semi-formal events, like weddings.

The price is pretty affordable for a Tommy Hilfiger suit. As a result, you get an excellent price versus quality ratio deal.

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Bonobos Jetsetter Stretch Wool Blue Suit

Jetsetter strech wool blue suit by BonobosYou’ll find an abundant selection of colors for this Bonobos suit in both solids and patterns. This suit is a wool blend, so it’s great for any season. You can choose either a slim fit or a classic fit cut.

The suit jacket features flap pockets and venting at the sides. It’s single-breasted with two buttons. Both the pants and the suit jacket are fully lined, so this suit is durable.

If you wore it to your next wedding event or for an afternoon outing, this suit would turn heads. However, you could also wear this to the office if it’s a business casual atmosphere.

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Salvatore Exte Classic Fit Suit

Salvatore Exte classic fit suitThis suit set consists of a classic-fit jacket, vest, and flat-front pants.

The jacket is single-breasted with a two-button closure and a notch lapel. It has characteristic dual side vents, thus making it look serious and formal.

The flat front pants have an unfinished length and can be adjusted according to your preferences.

There are two choices for the waistcoat: the first is a five-button single-breasted vest with three pockets, and the second choice is an eight-button double-breasted vest with two pockets.

Whichever you choose will finish the three-piece set lovely.

The fabric (rayon and polyester) makes this suit super-comfortable and durable.

Also, the price is more than affordable for a three-piece suit. The deal and the quality this suit brings will amaze you.

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Salvatore Exte Modern Fit

Salvatore Exte modern fitThis suit is an addition to the Salvatore Exte classic fit. The modern fit is considered to be something between the classic and the slim fit.

The jacket is still with a two-button closure and has a notch lapel. The difference is the center vent and the additional pocket.

The vest is breasted with seven buttons, with an adjustable belt to the back of the vest.

These changes give more power than the classic version, making it more suitable for meetings and business occasions.

I like this suit and strongly prefer a modern fit over a classic cut. However, it’s all up to the event and the image you want to present.

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Calvin Klein Slim Fit Wool Suit

Calvin Klein slim fit wool suitThe slim-fit suit jacket features a notch lapel. In addition, it is one of the best cheap suits you can find in this price range.

The pants are not hemmed, so you have to have them tailored.

The suit is excellent for business meetings, interviews, or wedding-related events. You will receive plenty of compliments for the choice and stand you out from the rest.

Keep in mind that the suit is slim-fitted and is preferable for slightly skinnier people.

Calvin Klein can (quite often) offer low-cost and affordable suits with exceptional quality. This one is no exception!

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Tommy Hilfiger Classic Stretch Suit

Dark grey classic-fit suit by Tommy HilfigerTommy Hilfiger provides some of the best suits for men with exceptional quality. This classic fit suit is not an exception.

Its modern look and sophisticated design bring an aesthetic to the wearer. 

It’s made of high-quality fabric (52% wool, 45% polyester, and 3% spandex) and feels very comfortable and easy to wear.

The suit jacket has a notch lapel with a two-button front closure, with double vents at the sides.

The pants are flat-front with off-seam front pockets. Don’t forget to make them tailored to your length.

The suit itself appears much more expensive than the actual price, making you look sharp, elegant, and stylish.

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Perry Ellis Slim Fit Suit

Perry Ellis slim fit suitThe suit is worth every penny of it. The fabric (81% polyester, 17% rayon, and 2% spandex) is light-weighted and comfortable to wear.

Although it’s labeled as a slim fit, it looks more like a traditional classic suit.

The jacket features a two-button closure and a notch lapel. Pants are hemmed and fit well at the waist and seat.

This affordable suit brings comfort to your everyday office wear. Thus, you don’t have to be skinny to wear it.

Perfect for everyday purposes, work, business, or other formal events. It’s also quite cheap, but it looks like an expensive bespoke suit.

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Alain Dupetit Slim Fit Suit

Alain Dupetit slim fit suitFinally, one more stylish and highly sold suit online is available for as low as $49. Although its official label is a slim-fit suit, I classify it more as a modern fit.

The suit’s material (100% polyester) is highly breathable and lightweight. The cut is noticeable by its comfort on the chest and waist, leaving plenty of room for flexibility.

The suit jacket exhibits a little bit of extra room in the front. It’s a standard two-button closure with a notch lapel.

The pants have no pleats, which makes them slimmer and modern-looking. In addition, they are not hemmed, so additional alterations may be needed.

Bring comfort and style to your everyday tasks, formal business events, or job interview.

This is one of the most affordable suits on the market. Some set options (color and number) have a price tag below 50$, which is a real bargain.

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Price Range & What to Expect

When we discuss affordable suits for men, we consider the price to be crucial in our selection. Therefore, I’ve classified the available options into three different categories:

Basic: Below 150$

Believe it or not, it is possible to find something that looks decent for this price. However, keep your expectations fairly low.

affordable suits for men below $150

The main reason for a suit coming in at this price range is the fabric. They will usually be made of polyester. However, try to find one that’s at least a poly-viscose blend.

The viscose will immediately mean that it breathes better and has a bit of “give” to allow better movement.

In this price range, the suit will be constructed by fusing rather than by being stitched together. Consequently, it means that it will deteriorate after laundering it a few times.

Affordable suits that are under $150 will not come with an overly generous cut. They’re usually made with a younger, trend-following customer in mind.

Intermediate: 150$ – 300$

If you can increase your budget to this bracket, it will make a big difference to your suit’s quality.

affordable suits for men between $150 and $300

And when you consider the difference, it is the cost of a dinner for two. So, it’s doable for most!

Many affordable suits in this price range will be made of better fabrics, such as wool blends. Also, the cut will be more tailored than trendy, with more roominess.

At this price, not only does the fabric improve, but also the way it’s constructed. Expect a finer stitch count and better linings. There will be more detailing too.

Advanced: 300$ – 500$

At this price, you can expect to get a lot more bang for your buck. Investing in a suit in this price range will pay off if you plan on wearing it more often.

affordable suits for men between $300 and $500

Plus, the design will be more generous and the proportions better.

As a result, the cut can be more classic than trendy, and you’ll also be able to access better fabrics, such as pure wool.

Things to Keep in Mind when Shopping for Affordable Suits

Let’s be honest and say that you’re not going to get a handmade suit for under $500. Your job is to find the right balance between quality and budget.

Look for a well-fitting suit made from good quality fabric. Even better, alter your suit. A made-to-measure suit will perform well on so many levels.

Have Your Suit Altered

Affordable suits might not come in the perfect cut for your body type. 

Look for a suit that fits as well as possible, then spend a little more on altering it for a perfect fit. Even if you’re going to buy a ready-to-wear suit, you should always be properly measured by a tailor.

proper suit jacket length

You can then take these measurements to the store with you. Buy something as close to the perfect fit as you can, then let a tailor make the final adjustments.

The fit is critical, especially in the shoulders, as they are pretty hard (or impossible) to alter. The suit jacket should skim over your body without being baggy or feeling tight.

how the suit jacket shoulder should fit

Try hugging yourself. If you can feel the jacket pulling around the back, then it’s too tight. Also, check for lines at the front when the jacket is buttoned. If the lines appear, it is a sign that the jacket it’s too narrow for you.

how the suit jacket closure should fit

The trouser waist can always be made tighter, but make sure that the waistband is comfortable sitting down.

how the suit pants seat should fit

Have the hem adjusted so that the break falls just above your shoes.

proper trouser break

It’s All About the Details

A good fit will always compensate for less expensive fabric and the lack of superior stitching and decadent detailing. In any case, if you do have a cheap suit, go for the best you can afford.

That’s because cheap suits are almost always off-the-rack, and they neglect almost everything crucial to your suit, like the fit.

how to wear a men's suit based on shoulders and sleeves

The next best option is a custom-made-to-measure suit. That way, you can customize the size and all the other suit details like the suit color, the lapel, the number of buttons, or pocket styles.

If you still have something left in the kitty, take your store-bought suit to a tailor. Have them make the necessary alterations, like taking in the sleeves, for example.

This creates a nicely tapered sleeve that hugs your arms and allows for a good range of motion. You can also replace the plastic buttons with a few genuine horns.

what is pant trouser break?

For the trousers, ask your tailor to make a slim, tapered leg and a clean trouser break. Or you can add a cuff at the bottom. It’s a small but effective detail, not often found in cheap suits.

Know the Occasion

Identify the dress code and the occasion you’re going to be wearing the suit the most. Is it for work, a wedding, or other one-off formal events?

wearing the suit occasion

If it’s for work, dry-clean your suit regularly. The best suits for business occasions are made-to-measure, made of quality fabric that can withstand wear and tear.

Something for a one-off occasion will seldom need cleaning. Then, it will hang in the closet for the rest of the year. In that case, the fabric quality isn’t quite as crucial.

Decide the Color

Decide on the color and pattern you’re looking for before you go shopping. Besides, this will help narrow your options down.

Very formal occasions will usually require a dark color like black or charcoal. Everyday work suits can be navy or lighter greys.

It also helps to know which season you are going to wear it. That will enable you to decide on the correct fabric for the weather.

Suits & shoes complete occasion and formality color guide

For instance, a summer suit will need to be cotton or linen, whereas a winter suit should be wool or tweed.

Take your time to try it on properly. It might be affordable; however, it’s still a big purchase and should not be bought in a rush.

Keep your focus on quality fabrics and a good fit. It’s these two criteria that will make your suit look more expensive.

To Conclude

I would never recommend you go out and buy the cheapest suit you can find. Instead, it’s my goal to help you look for the best suits at the lowest possible price tag.

Again, an affordable suit doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice quality and fit to save a few bucks. In fact, many brands produce cheap suits of excellent quality.

Also, the fit is crucially important. You could get away with wearing a suit made from lesser fabrics but not wearing a poorly-fitted one.

Very few people will even notice unless they are an expert. However, a poorly fitting suit will stick out like a sore thumb. Combine both in one outfit, and you won’t only look sub-par, you’ll feel it, too.

No one can tell you how much you should spend on your suit. But like everything else in life, the more you invest in an item, the better quality you get. Suits are no different.

Alexander Stoicoff
Author: Alexander Stoicoff

Hi, I’m Alex, and I’ve studied and specialized in styling in Rome. Through my writing, I want to help men dress well and learn the purpose and significance of suits and other formal attire. My final goal is to make men more confident in their wardrobe choice and life in general.

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