Dressing well is all about presenting yourself in the best way possible. It all depends on the shape of your body. Can be round-bellied, broad shoulder or both.

The best clothes are those that make you look stylish, as well as comfortable. Thus, a few tips should be put into consideration while purchasing or wearing the best clothes.

Here are general rules of dressing for big and tall men.

The Clothes Should be Fitting

This is the most important point. Baggy clothes draw more attention on size because they make one look bulky. They make you have a sloppy outline, thus makes one look like he’s poorly dressed. This is because someone with a bigger body size has a more imposing presence.

Try to dress simple. The first step in dressing simple is to wear clothes with minimum patterns. Your clothes should preferably have a solid color or lightly stripped shirt with no busy graphics.

Wear Light-weight Clothes

Because thick and cumbersome clothes make you look bulky. As a big and tall man, it’s always important to be cautious of excess sweat. Thick and cumbersome clothes have the disadvantage of retaining heat thus making you sweaty.

Remember that good clothes don’t change the shape of the body, but rather they make everything on the body look proportional.

Avoid clothes that reveal too much skin. A long overcoat is a great way of giving a solid impression. Avoid sweaters with bulges and wrinkles.

big tall men shirt

Wear Single-Breasted Suits

Men with broad shoulders should wear single-breasted classic suits that button low due to the simple fact that they have a leveling effect on the width of the body.

Those with broad faces should wear shirts with large collars or vests with lapels due to the same fact that they also have a leveling effect that keeps the face proportional. They should also wear big necktie because the small ones will make them look clownish.

If you’re 6’2” or more, don’t forget to choose the “long” version of the suit, as an alternative to the regular one. The long version is labeled as “L” next to the descriptive letter indicating the size of the suit.

Do Not Wear Clothes with Vertical Stripes

Don’t forget the main purpose of vertical stripes. They add height to your overall appearance. Vertical stripes enhance look because they’re thinning.

Instead, try to find suits and shirts that have subtle plaids. Don’t forget that the color of clothes should be on the darker side, for instance, Navy blue, gray, etc.

Dressing as best as you can have an impact on personality. Note that there are no fixed rules. Being well dressed means wearing what looks good on you.

Despite Clothing

It’s also advisable to have well-groomed facial hair that goes with the shape of the face. A neatly bearded person looks neat and stylish as opposed to the one with a curly unkempt beard that is seen as a slob who can’t get away from staring eyes which see him as untidy.

large watch on hand

Those with trimmed beard are made to look like they have a sharper chin. Broad whiskers make the head shape look square. Wear large accessories.

Concentrate on the larger side like replacing ballpoint pen with a larger fountain pen or owning a large watch. Large accessories are a sign of strength or power to common eyes.


Alexander Stoicoff
Author: Alexander Stoicoff

Hi, I’m Alex, and I’ve studied and specialized style in Rome. Through my writing, I want to help men dress well and learn the purpose and significance of suits and other formal attire. My final goal is to make men more confident in their wardrobe choice and life in general.

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