The brown suit is a treasure trove of style possibilities.

It’s no longer the boring, bland color you once thought it was. It is rich, vibrant, and oh-so-versatile.

So, embrace the trend and mix things up from your standard go-to suit colors.

Brown Suit Matching Colors

Brown is a very versatile color. There are many color options for shirts, shoes, and ties to pair with this earth tone.

brown suit color combinations with a shirt and tie

You can already guess several of them just by looking outside on an autumn day. However, those colors aren’t the limit.

The darker brown you have – the greater flexibility that goes with it. Here, you can match bolder colors and rich jewel tones, like burgundy or navy.

A lighter brown works best with neutral or pastel shades, like tan or grey. But be careful not to be so neutral that you look washed out.

Brown Suit and White Shirt Color Combinations

A white dress shirt is a traditional classic with any suit and looks just as dazzling with a brown suit as all the rest. The two colors play off each other so well.

how to match a brown suit with a white dress shirt

The earthy tone of the suit really makes a crisp and clean white shirt pop. And the brightness of the shirt accentuates the warmth of the suit.

brown suit & white shirt color combinations

It is also a versatile combination. A white dress shirt offers crazy flexibility and multiple looks by mixing and matching it with your suit accessories.

Match Tie with Brown Suit & White Shirt

A black tie is the most traditional pairing with this combination, and for a good reason. It is the most formal look you can achieve while wearing a brown suit.

brown suit, white dress shirt and black tie color combination

Black ties almost always increase the dressiness of any outfit.

Want to spice up a dull day? Earth tones are a beautiful way to add some color to a brown suit and white dress shirt.

Khaki, tan, burgundy, navy, or even green tones will balance nicely with brown.

brown suit, white dress shirt, tan tie and brown loafers

If you are looking for a chic, monochromatic style, try a brown tie that is a shade or two lighter than your suit. A cooler-toned tie will pull your entire outfit together.

Shoes for Brown Suits & White Shirt

If you are going to wear a black tie with your suit, you are better off with black shoes.

I recommend black leather Oxford shoes since they will align with the formality level. You can also wear dress shoes with some broguing since this isn’t a full formal look.

If you are going with earth-toned accessories, burgundy or brown shoes will keep your look pulled together.

Brown suit with white shirt, burgundy tie and burgundy shoes
Burgundy shoes create a great appeal for the brown suit.

Oxfords or derbies are excellent style choices. But depending on how casual you are looking to go, loafers are a surefire way to achieve that goal.

For very casual, with no tie, of course, you can even experiment with white canvas sneakers. It is a superb way to pull off a smart-casual style.

Brown Suit and Light Blue Shirt Color Combinations

Most blue dress shirts work with brown; it takes a bit of experimenting to find the right tone combinations.

how to match a brown suit with a blue dress shirt

When you have a medium brown suit, the light blue helps to soften the brown. It is also a nice, subtle way to incorporate a bit of understated color.

Some faint patterning on the shirt is fine and can be interesting. Just keep in mind that it lowers the formality level even further.

Tie Colors with a Brown Suit & Light Blue Shirt

One of my preferred choices for this color combo is a solid navy blue tie.

navy blue tie and light blue shirt with brown suit

But everyone can feel different. Are you feeling daring? Try a burgundy tie.

Because the light blue shirt softens up the color scheme, you can pull off a brown tie as well. Try a couple of different shades, too! Darker or lighter than the suit, it all works.

A patterned or polka dot tie is a great choice here. Shades of navy, grey, brown, and black work well together with this outfit.

Shoes for Brown Suits and a Light Blue Shirt

If you are leaning on the classic and traditional side, match the brown suit and the blue shirt with brown oxford or derby shoe style.

brown oxford shoes for a brown suit and blue shirt

But you can also add burgundy shoes to your suit to complete your ensemble!

Burgundy oxfords are a perfect way to wrap up the look, especially if you’ve picked up the burgundy tie.

On the other hand, tasseled loafers are the perfect way to express your fashion savvy. That way, you’ll look more casual and relaxed.

Brown Suit and Pink Shirt Color Combinations

Brown and pink together create an ultra-modern yet mature combination.

It is a trendy color for dress shirts nowadays, and it is flattering on nearly everyone.

matching brown suit with a light pink shirt

Keep your occasion in mind when choosing your pink dress shirt.

A pale shade is sublime if you are heading to an evening event. Also, a pink that is close to nude is a very classy combination.

You can go a few shades darker with a blush or carnation pink for a day at the office.

But be sure to stay away from dark pink with a dark suit; that will only look garish and tacky.

Match Tie with Brown Suit & Pink Shirt

Earth tones and neutral shades are best with this combination. The pink shirt is often all the color the outfit needs.

Warmer tones will help ground the pink so that it doesn’t come across as too flamboyant.

brown suit, pink shirt, and navy foulard tie

However, sometimes you want to have a little fun and creativity with your outfit. I say if the occasion is appropriate, go for it!

A pink tie that is darker than your shirt can be bold and jaunty. A true-blue tie on the background of a pink shirt also looks stunning.

Shoes for Brown Suits and Pink Shirt

Black is a grounding color, so black shoes are an excellent option in this case. They will dress up your look a little.

Not surprisingly, brown dress shoes work perfectly well with a pink shirt and brown suit:

brown suit, pink shirt, and brown Oxford shoes

You can also use certain burgundy shoe styles in creating a smart casual style of dressing. Burgundy loafers and monks are very stylish and look effortless.

For a very laid-back approach, try a pair of suede loafers. Just be careful: people may mistake you for a man of leisure.

Brown Suit and Navy Shirt Color Combination

I know, I know, it seems crazy, right? But hear me out.

Both brown and navy are vibrant colors. Putting the two together creates a dramatic combination, and I am here for it.

matching brown suit with a navy shirt

The rich tones are warm and relaxing, like a visual cup of hot cocoa.

Pairing these shades is really only going to work for a casual style, so feel free to play with fabrics.

Sure, you can find plenty of poplin shirts in navy, but have you considered denim?

Match Tie with Brown Suit & Navy Shirt

A black would feel too harsh with this combination. The navy and the brown are heavy enough; black would drag this look down.

A burgundy or brown tie is a slam dunk with this suit. It creates an awesome layered effect with the colors and prevents the style from becoming overburdened.

dark brown suit, navy shirt and burgundy tie color combination

A navy blue tie? Well, perhaps, if it is the same exact shade as your shirt. But at that point, it doesn’t seem to be a reason for wearing a tie in the first place.

However, adding another color may be hard on the eyes.

Shoes for Brown Suits and Navy Shirt

You guessed it… brown shoes. Because this is a casual color combination, you will also want to stick to a more casual shoe.

A nice pair of monks can really bring the wow factor.

brown shoes are usually the best option for a brown suit

You may also be able to pull off a burgundy shoe. If the shoes are a shade that would match the brown suit under different shirt conditions, then you are free to wear them with the navy shirt.

For an ultra-casual approach, you can even wear canvas low-top sneakers. Just make sure they are tan or brown.

Brown Suit and Striped Shirts Color Combinations

Striped shirts are a great and stylish way to wear your suit casually.

It often feels like they would be perfect for a leisure outing, so you can be confident that a striped shirt will make your suit more playful.

textured brown suit with pale blue striped shirt

Incorporating neutral colors into the stripes is the safest way to ensure you don’t send people into colorful overload. A pattern and bright colors together are simply too much for a brown suit.

A white background and pale blue stripes are one obvious avenue. Don’t discount it just because it is the most apparent choice. Sometimes, you just need to play it safe, even in fashion.

brown suit, blue striped shirt and tan derby shoes

If white and blue stripes seem too dull to you, up the ante with pink and white checks.

Pink and brown are amazing together, so toss in a little bit of both, and voila! You have inspiration!

No tie is necessary here.

Other Things to Consider

Even though you have mastered the colors by now, it doesn’t mean you’re ready yet.

There are a few other things to take into consideration.

You didn’t think you were supposed to wear only dress shirts with a brown suit, didn’t you?

Beyond Dress Shirts

You can certainly dress down the brown suit by swapping the dress shirt with a polo or T-shirt.

Solid crew-neck and v-neck T-shirts work perfectly well here. Opt for more neutral colors like navy, tan, or white.

brown linen suit, navy t-shirt, and white sneakers

In addition, a polo shirt pairs wonderfully with brown suits. It creates the perfect balance with the versatility of the suit and is especially good for business casual settings.

Again, choose complementary colors for the polo. Earthy tones like brown, tan, or olive green work well here, but so does navy.

Finally, a turtleneck can significantly elevate the brown suit. It provides more modern vibes when wearing it with a suit.

Stick to neutral turtleneck colors like grey, beige, tan, or even black for a more classic look.

brown suit, beige turtleneck, and brown loafers

Also, turtlenecks pair explicitly well with textured brown suit fabrics, like tweed and corduroy.

brown corduroy suit, grey turtleneck, and brown boots

This is no coincidence, as these materials naturally lend themselves to the cooler, reflective vibe of the fall and winter months.

Separating the Jacket and Pants

Wearing the brown suit jacket and pants as an individual piece is a great way to maximize the versatility of your wardrobe.

Combine the brown jacket with earth-colored chinos. Add a button-down shirt, and you have a nice business casual outfit right there.

brown blazer, button-down olive shirt, tan chinos, and brown loafers

You can also pair the jacket with dark denim jeans and a T-shirt for a smart casual look. Usually, you want to finish the look with brown loafers or boots.

brown blazer, navy t-shirt, blue jeans, and dark brown loafers

Of course, you can always wear the jacket over a sweater or a cardigan for warmth and texture.

Wear the brown pants with a crisp white dress shirt, a contrasting blazer in navy blue or grey, and dress shoes.

For colder days, pair the pants with a turtleneck or sweater and add a sports coat or blazer.

blue plaid blazer, beige turtleneck, brown dress pants, and brown Chelsea boots

Ensure the colors of your separate pieces complement each other. Avoid combining too many patterns and stick to one statement piece.

Brown Suit Formality Level

Brown suits fall in between formal and casual suit colors.

how to wear brown suits in different shades

If you are looking for a formal suit, you are bound to end up with something dark, such as black or navy.

But if you are in the market for a more casual suit, you will find yourself looking at a light grey, tan, or khaki suit.

how to wear a khaki suit in different shades

Just like blue suits, a brown suit can be professional-looking yet informal at the same time. So, it is not advisable to wear one to formal job interviews.

However, if you find yourself working in a business casual office environment, it is perfect.

The Suit Must Fit You Perfectly

The suit has to fit you no less than perfectly, regardless of what you wear it with. Pay close attention to the shoulders, waist, and jacket closure.

how should a brown suit fit

If you’re buying an off-the-rack suit, be sure that it’s the right cut for your body type.

For example, while slim fit is trendy, stylish, and elegant, it’s tighter than the traditional cut. It looks best on more slim body types.

On the other hand, the classic fit offers plenty of room in the chest and the waist.

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