Having trouble picking the right color for a suit? This isn’t a guide on matching, but rather a good introduction to the popular colors for suits. Although if you need a guide, there’s a perfect one here. Never play the guessing game with an outfit again by getting the bare essentials right. Focus on having a better understanding of what’s available, and what isn’t. A better way of saying it is to educate the mind enough to know the difference between pink and salmon when it comes to colors. That little difference can help to avoid a major headache with suits and their colors.

Black or White is Perfect

Black was once the perfect color over white, and that makes sense considering the foundational colors of black, navy blue and charcoal gray. The holy trinity of all suits reside with the foundation, so remember those colors. But the same qualities that makes black perfect still holds true for white. It’s a very easy color to pair up with. There is something about the white just makes it stand out. More people wear black than any other color, And for a reason. But the best thing about black and white? Both go together, and it is near impossible to mess up the coordination of the two when mixed. Things to look out for with white is confusing it with cream. Which happens more than expected. Confusing a cream suit with a white suit will completely throw the balance off. And in the case of black, it is often mistaken for blue.


Be careful with color choices and use a close and trained eye when shopping. But whenever in doubt, consider black or white the safe choices when it comes to suits. Some other things to mention with black and white is to avoid wearing all of one color. A one-color-everything outfit can only be done by high ranking people in fashion. Celebrities that are comfortable experimenting will have the most success. When a big celebrity wears all one color, the attention comes from being a rebel rather than coordinating colors. Don’t become a rebel in a suit, as it can lead to many other dressing disorders. In short, black and white are fantastic, just don’t overdo it.

Navy Blue as an Alternative to Black

There is never going to be a perfect replacement for black other than white. For people that need to stick with a dark color, then navy blue is the way to go. A very functional color just by design, navy blue has the right amount of color in it. The hint of color really makes a difference for the overall appearance. Outfits can be built around navy blue and still be appropriate since it is a primary color. This covers all circumstance, celebrations and even business events. Navy blue can also accentuate youth depending on the wearer. A feature that may or may not be important. It is a color that has high preference among suit wearers, and one that’s easy to plan around when time is short.

navy blue suit with brown shoes

navy blue suit with brown shoes

Charcoal Gray over White

This particular color can be the bane of a suit wearer’s existence because of the many variations. If white is a bit too bright to wear, charcoal gray is the perfect color to use instead. The problem with the color is that there is a light charcoal gray and a dark charcoal gray. Deciding between the two is more of an opinion, and not fact as they are both equal. Finding out which is better is simply a matter of looking within the closet and finding the current tone of clothes. Mostly light? Then go with a dark charcoal gray for variation. Reverse this if the closet is full of mostly dark clothes. It should cover a good amount of options for any wearer. Even if the entire debate over the shade of charcoal gray won’t end, it’s still a valuable color.


Is Brown An Option?

Yes, and based on the fabric can make anyone stand out. Brown suits are a natural earth tone that look their best even when going into the darker colors like chocolate. The fun thing about this color is that it can quickly alternate between professional and casual. Older gentleman may not agree with brown being a professional color. But, times have changed. Be wary of suit wearers from the old school that still look at brown as strictly casual. While that number is thinning, it won’t save those heading into meetings where it’s frown upon. When traveling abroad for meetings, testing out brown suits is a good idea. There is more business casual wear outside of the U.S. making it a perfect target to experiment with variations.


Finding the Sweet Spot

Having a variety of colors is the way to avoid getting stuck with nothing to wear. Variety with suits is important for any closet. A wardrobe that lacks even the basic foundation colors will have nothing to fall back on. Start with the base colors then work to mix and match the foundational colors for the best effect. Black and white are on even levels, despite opinions to the contrary. Brown is no longer just for casual, and can be used for business functions and interviews. Navy blue and charcoal gray are fantastic choices for several occasions. These colors are the tip of the iceberg, and make a great starting point for figuring out the personality within the suit.



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