It can be a little tricky to match a tie along your suit. If there is a combination that makes you uncertain, skip it through. Go with something certain and already proven. Here are some of the most common colors used in suit ties:

Navy Suit

Navy is oftentimes referred to as a foundation color for suits, perhaps due to its commonality. In fact, it seems that there are no situations in which a navy colored suit would be viewed as inappropriate. It is often considered as an elegant and traditional choice. In order to play off with the elegance of this hue, choose ties that are classic. Brown and yellow are great pairs with navy, just like other patches of blue. For instance, you can try putting on a navy suit with a brown tie.

Also, to come up with a modernized look, you can choose a skinny tie, experimenting with one of the slim type tie knots. In order to have an edgier twist, why not combine pink together with your navy suit? This is if you want to get attention. Pink automatically attracts attention. As an alternative, however, you may want to go for a purple, or a silver tie. On the other hand, if you want to achieve an authoritative type of look, a white button down together with a red tie is a great match.

blue suit and red tie

Charcoal Gray Suit

No question, charcoal gray is a really great suit that you can choose if you choose a basic/foundation type of suit. This means that this suit is also a great option for formal events including funerals and weddings. It seems that you can never go wrong with a gray colored suit; it is perfect for any occasion. One of the several reasons making gray a perfect choice is that, based on the shade, it can easily be matched with either brown or black accessories.

In order to achieve that serious and formal look, match a gray suit together with a white button down along with a gray tie, partnered with a brown belt and brown shoes. In order to enhance it up quite a bit, you can wear a gray suit paired with a black button down shirt, and lastly a gray tie. It also goes well with a black belt and black shoes.

Another option is pairing your charcoal gray suit with a blue and black diagonally striped tie together with black accessories. If you feel that the resulting ensemble is ‘dry’, you can also introduce other colors, such as a pink shirt paired with a maroon tie. Another option is a white shirt together with an orange tie. The point here is that a suit with a charcoal gray color is completely versatile and may easily be paired with almost any kind of ties. So long as your clothing are fitted and well-tailored, you are good to go!

gray suit and blue tie

Black Suit

Another basic color of suit is black. It carries a reputation of being authoritative and serious. On the other hand, if you want to complement the serious appeal of this color, you may want to search for a black with a pinstripe suit. If you have a black suit paired with a white button down shirt, you can choose a tie that has patterns on it, unless you prefer to be acknowledged as ‘serious’.

Orange, red, gold and yellow are oftentimes considered as the traditional options that go along well with black suit. On the other hand, green, pink and turquoise colors are more modern selections. Some also debate on the compatibility of black and brown, so it is up to you if you prefer such match.

Other good matches include a black suit with gold, black and brown stripes. A thing that you can keep in mind, though, is that black suits are mostly made of wool, a heavy fabric. Your option for both shirts and ties should complement this very well.

black suit and blue tie


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