Are watches vanishing from off the face of the earth? Well, they are not as common as they used to be.

Nevertheless, real men still value them. The likes of Bono, Warren Buffett, and even Pope Francis stylishly wear them.

Men have a limit on the amount of jewelry they can wear. But to a man, a watch is a significant accessory to match their personality. It’s even thought that people who wear watches are more successful.

Therefore, it’s important to find a wristwatch that is not only simple but versatile, classic, and sophisticated.

There is a long list of brands and types to choose from. But in doing so, you want to ensure that you’ve picked the right watch to match your outfit. This is how:

Consider the Watch Category

Advancements in technology have gone further in ensuring that modern smartwatches are more than the simple timepieces they once were.

The inclusion of nifty gadgets will now allow you dozens of useful features that can significantly ease your lifestyle.

Fitbit Versa on man's hand

Check your calendar, place a call, or track your location through GPS tracking systems on the go. Isn’t that handy?

That aside, here are some of the most popular watch categories you may want to consider before styling up.

Dress Watches

Dress watches are probably the best watch category you can match with a suit. They are much simpler in that the manufacturer avoided many complications.

what is a dress watch

In terms of formality, dress watches are the most formal watch category. They are the types of watches that will only tell you the hour, minutes, and seconds. As such, reserve them only for the most formal occasions.

Diver Watches

Diver watches are a type designed for underwater diving. They are the type of watches worn by brave marine men and women during the mission “impossible” and rescue efforts.

what is Dive watch?

It’s fair to mention that those are some of the main watch categories. Let’s now shift our attention to how to match you’re your watch with your style.

Chrono Watches

Also known as sports watches, Chrono watches are handy watches that may be worn during a sporting occasion, as the name suggests. In those higher brands, however, one may still use them as a dress watch.

what is chronograph watch

They are sleek and durable, most notably because they are made of high-quality components. When it comes to the best chronographs, metal watches are considered the most luxurious, durable, and affordable.

Consider Your Level of Formality

To always ensure that you avoid the most common fashion blunders, the watch worn has to match the occasion. It means that you match the style of your watch with the formality of the specific occasion.

Black Tie and White Tie Events

On such occasions, you want to mute the common conservative observers with simplicity. Here, a perfect matching dress watch will do in a classic style black leather band.

Business Dress Code

Whether an employee and have a business meeting with your CEO or are out for a job interview, opt for a classic yet simple styled silver or a gold watch. The complications should be minimal to avoid attracting any attention to the watch.

Chrono watch with shirt and suit

Such a watch is best worn with a conservative business suit. Alternatively, you may also opt for a leather-strapped watch for such an occasion.

Business Casual

These attire settings usually include a no-necktie event and are followed by a casual dress code.

Wearing a chronograph watch with a suit

The suit, however, needs to be light-colored and paired with either a pilot, Chrono, or smart and modern field watch.

Smart Casual

A smart casual look takes effort and thought. Just because you are casual does not mean you are sloppy. Chrono and Aviator are great go-to choices but not your only options.

Smartwatches are getting dressier these days. They have advanced beyond their purely functional form and are not getting into the style game.

Not only can they look sleek, but these watches are a definite signifier of status. You are sporting a piece of tech on your wrist. It sends the message that you are an important and busy person who always needs to stay connected.


The best watches for casual events have a metallic band, and those with leather bands are dual-purpose. The casual watches are best accompanied by jeans, trousers, chambray shirts, and boots. You may also go for a digital watch in such attire.


These are events that may be considered unpredictable as they may involve physical movements. Here, you don’t need a watch that will divert your attention or keep you worrying that you may damage it.

Finally, when picking a watch, you also want to ensure that it matches your size and complexion. A more built guy will look good with a robust and boxier watch face.

With the above tips in mind, picking a watch to match your style should be an easy breeze.

Alexander Stoicoff

Author: Alexander Stoicoff

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