When it comes to suits for big men, choices might be more modest than you think. Rather, the wearer should follow a particular set of rules.

Dressing well is all about presenting yourself in the best way possible. And it all depends on the shape of your body. It can be round-bellied, broad-shoulder, or both.

The best suits are those that make you look stylish as well as comfortable. Thus, big men should consider a few additional tips besides the suit basics while purchasing or wearing a suit.

Here are some general rules of dressing for big and tall men.

The Suit Should be Well-Fitted

This is the essential part of how suits for big men should appear. All standard suit fit rules and basics apply:

how to fit your suit

Baggy clothes draw more attention to size because they make one look bulky.

Also, they make you have a sloppy outline, thus making you look poorly dressed. That’s because someone with a bigger body size has a more imposing presence.

Instead, make sure that both sides of the jacket meet flawlessly without creating a gap in between. 

Equally important, ensure your jacket lies flat on the shoulders. The jacket shoulder seam should fall where your natural sleeves begin.

Avoid Ready-to-Wear Suits

The surest sign that your suit will be well-fitted is to opt-in for a bespoke or custom-tailored suit. A professional tailor will take the exact measurements for your body type.

how to measure the jacket waist

If you’re unable to afford a bespoke suit, consider buying a made-to-measure suit. They are custom-made, just like bespoke suits, but made using pre-existing block patterns.

Made-to-measure suits will perfectly fill the gap of ready-to-wear ones. Men with unique and uncommon proportions should avoid the latter.

Choose a Classic Cut Suit

Big men should try to dress more traditionally. And when it comes to suits, the classic cut is the most traditional choice for suit wearers. 

classic fit suits explained

Classic fit suits have wider cuts throughout the waist and the chest area, thus bringing comfort to the wearer. Additionally, they allow you to move freely and are the easiest style that a tailor can adjust.

Suits for big men usually have a notch lapel. They also have double vents on both sides of the suit jacket. It’s the standard choice for suits, and it will diminish unwanted attention.

Finally, go for two-button suits. Their button’s position tends to make the wearer look slightly slimmer.

Choose Dark and Solid Colors

Try to dress simply. The first step in dressing simple is to wear clothes with minimum patterns. Your clothes should preferably have a solid color or a lightly striped shirt with no busy graphics.

Dark solid colors like navy or charcoal are the perfect choice for suits for big men. Match the suit with a light-colored shirt, preferably white. Pale blue and pink color shirts are also a good choice. 

big man wearing a navy blue suit

Simple ties work best for big men. Avoid patterns and stripes as they both create a broader appearance. 

Wear Light-Weight Suits

Heavy-weight clothes make you look bulky. Also, it’s important to be cautious of excess sweat. Thick and cumbersome suits for big men have the disadvantage of retaining heat, thus making you sweaty.

best suit styles for big men

Remember that well-fitted suits don’t change the body’s shape but rather make everything on the body look proportional.

Avoid revealing too much skin when wearing shirts. Additionally, a long overcoat is a great way of giving a solid impression during colder days.

The Best Suits for Big Men are Single-Breasted

Men with broad shoulders should wear classic single-breasted suits that button low. That’s due to the simple fact that they have a leveling effect on the body’s width.

Big men should wear shirts with standard collars (like the straight point collar). Elongated collars also have a leveling effect that keeps the face proportional.

how to dress for a triangle body type

Wear big neckties because the small ones will make you look clownish. However, the tie knot should not be too wide (preferably medium-sized) as it will extend your shoulders’ width.

If you’re 6’2″ or more, don’t forget to choose the “long” version of the suit as an alternative to the regular one. The long version is labeled as “L” next to the descriptive letter indicating the suit’s size.

Avoid Suits for Big Men with Large Stripes

Don’t forget the main purpose of vertical stripes. They add height to your overall appearance. Also, they enhance the look if they’re thin.

But large vertical stripes do not serve big men’s best interests, especially if you’re tall. It gives unnecessary size and bulkiness to the wearer.

how to dress for oval body type

Instead, go for pinstripes or herringbone prints. If you prefer stripes, go with rare vertical lines that are not too close to each other.

It’s best to match your solid suit with a solid shirt and tie. Don’t forget that the suit’s color should be on the darker side. Choose, for instance, a navy blue, black, or dark grey suit.

Dressing as best as you can, has an impact on personality. There are no fixed rules that will satisfy each body shape. Being well-dressed means wearing what looks good on you.

Despite Clothing

It’s also advisable to have clean or well-groomed facial hair that goes with the shape of the face. A well-shaped beard or clean face looks neat and stylish as opposed to one with a curly unkempt beard.

Big men suit wearers with trimmed beards look like they have sharper chins. Broad whiskers, on the other hand, make the head shape look square.

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Wear large accessories. Concentrate on the larger side, like owning a large watch that goes well with your suit. Large accessories are a sign of strength or power to common eyes.

Alexander Stoicoff

Author: Alexander Stoicoff

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