There was once a time when men didn’t need to look for reasons to wear watches; they were a necessary everyday item.

Times have certainly changed, and the advent of the smartphone has made watches unnecessary.

But then, something funny began to happen to the beloved wristwatch; it became romanticized and morphed into something more than just a timepiece.

So, while you don’t need to rely on a watch today, they are still quite useful; there are many reasons to keep this jewelry around.

Wearing a Watch Enhances Your Style

It’s human nature to take even the most basic, functional items and want to make them fashionable. Humans love style, and we’ve perfected it when it comes to watches.

suit accessories: the watch

Every detail you include in your outfit makes a fashion statement, so here’s one more way to assert your aesthetic.

A watch can enhance any outfit, helping bring out its dressiness or casual nature. Have you noticed that suits feel empty without a watch?

Minor adjustments in details like the size of the watch face, the strap’s material, or the band’s width can all have enormous implications.

Women have so many jewelry choices, but men don’t generally have that luxury.

A wristwatch is a rare opportunity to accessorize as a way to express your personality and style. The inclusion of a small feature can go far to cement your image, whether that’s serious, quirky, or cutting-edge.

Watches Tell the Time

Yes, I hear it all the time: “But I have my smartphone for telling time!” Sure, that may be true, but this approach has multiple problems.

The gravest error here is that a cell phone lacks style. By ignoring an opportunity to accessorize with a watch in favor of a phone, you are missing a massive opening for upping your style cred.

However, it’s also rude to constantly check the time on your phone. The people around you don’t know that you’re just doing a quick time check, and it can look as if you are hoping for a message.

A discreet wrist check is much less offensive.

Persistent phone checks can also make you appear desperate. Are you expecting an important message? And why isn’t it coming?

Another perk of a watch over a smartphone? Your watch won’t run out of charge from too much use. You’ll never need to stress about a low battery and possibly lose access altogether.

In other words, a watch is far more convenient.

Most Watches are Functional

Many watches do much more than just tell time. Many have super functional and helpful side features called complications. Several of these features were developed to help the military, aviators, or divers.

watch case complications

One excellent example of this type of watch is the chronograph, which includes a stopwatch feature.

Similarly, moonphase watches track the lunar cycle, showing whether the moon is full, half, or in the new phase. Any space aficionado will love this function.

Some watches also have a tachymeter, which can help measure speed.

These complications have been developed and honed over the years, first finding use for only a niche group but expanding to the general market.

You Show the World You Respect Craftsmanship

It takes a lot of time to make a high-quality watch. The result is a mingling of history and talent.

different watch types for men and which one to pick

Watchmaking is an art; it expresses more than just fashion but a sense and appreciation of artistic talent and creativity.

A well-made, handcrafted watch requires great attention to detail. Not all watchmakers create equal timepieces.

Wearing a watch in your daily life supports a craft and continues a tradition, preserving a way of life.

It may feel like a throwback to a “simpler” time, but it is more than that. A watch represents a respect for artisanship and technique.

Conversation Starter & It Gets You Compliments

There is a whole subculture of watch lovers who will surely notice and admire your timepiece.

wearing blue suit with brown leather watch

It is an excellent way to strike up a conversation with a like-minded person. This positive response can be more than just a confidence booster, though. It can help make connections.

For example, that potential employer for the job you really want may just be a watch person, too.

If so, there’s your in and the chance to make that personal bond. Your good taste in watches may give you a slight edge over the competition!

Watches are an Aspirational Pursuit

Have you ever heard the expression, “Dress for the job you want”? Well, you can essentially use a watch to the same effect.

picking the right watch type for men

A wristwatch is an eye-catcher. It’s difficult not to become a reflection of your watch style, unconsciously mimicking the aura of the watch.

If you wear a sophisticated, expensive watch, it can have a tremendous impact on how you present yourself.

You’ll notice yourself holding yourself differently, asserting yourself in a different manner, and simply acting like the type of person who wears such a beautiful piece of jewelry on their wrist.

It is almost as if the watch has undetectable powers to alter your self-image.

Luxury Watches Portray Power and Professionalism

When you are a career power player, you need to emanate a sense of authority and focus.

top watches to wear with suit

Wearing a watch is a subtle signal that you don’t mess around. You keep a simple tool on hand (nearly literally) to get the job done with no fuss. You are timely and care about maintaining order.

If you have the money to spend, consider prioritizing a high-end timepiece. Investing in a luxury watch takes this a step further.

It shows that you demand the best in life. It is more than a status symbol; it indicates a maturity of style and a professional sensibility.

Quality Watches Last Long

We live in a disposable culture. It seems as if everything today is only temporary, from water bottles to razors to even clothing.

Sean Connery wears Gruen Precision dress watch

However, a high-quality watch is designed to last a lifetime. If your watch is properly cared for, it can last you for a long time to come.

That’s why investing in a timeless style is also a good idea, not choosing a trendy look that will be unfashionable in a few years.

You ultimately form a relationship with something that is part of your life for that long. It becomes a part of your identity, almost like an extension of yourself.

And when that happens, you cement your trademark style.

Watches Create Legacy & Heritage

Since World War I, pocket watches have evolved into a significant element of men’s lives.

And with any item so closely identified with who you are and lasting many years, it’s natural to consider its role in the next generation.

family heirloom

That’s because your watch is a personal piece of you that can be carried and always kept close by a loved one after you are gone. It’s comforting for them and provides many memories of being on your wrist.

If you’ve inherited a parent’s or grandparent’s pocket watch, you may be able to relate to this already.

Because of a watch’s longevity, it is the perfect candidate to become an heirloom piece. It is something functional that you can pass down to a loved one as a sentimental daily reminder.

The Watch Becomes a Part of You

When you wear certain watches, you gain an unusual relationship with time. In a very technical way, they become an extension of your body.

wearing mechanical dress watch

A mechanical watch requires you to wind them by hand regularly to keep them up to date and working as they should. This becomes an investment in your attention and energy and can be an exercise in mindfulness.

On the other hand, an automatic watch gains its power from your own heartbeat. In a very real sense, the watch becomes part of you and depends upon your life energy to exist.

I always suggest investing in automatic or mechanical watches (instead of quartz) when expanding your watch collection. It’s pretty heady stuff but an amazing and beautiful reminder of our humanity!

Watches Mark a Special Moment

A watch is often a popular gift for big life moments. A gift from a loved one can tell the story of a milestone in your life: a graduation, marriage, a new job, or even a significant birthday.

You will always associate that watch with the joyful feelings of that day or time of your life, helping you feel connected to what is important to you.

And a watch that has marked a particular moment is another beautiful way to leave a legacy for a loved one.

Your son may not have been there to celebrate your college graduation, but if you leave him the watch you received as a graduation gift, he will be able to feel part of something bigger than himself.

And every scratch on your watch face tells a story. They mark a long life that was well lived.

Alexander Stoicoff

Author: Alexander Stoicoff

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