Best Business Suits for Men

If you are looking for that perfect suit that you can wear for that very special interview, or perhaps need something that will really look good on you for a conference of a special meeting, a business suit is something that you can take into consideration. As suggested by its name, it’s perfect business attire that will make you look professional and elegant, ready for work. After all, business suits are known as emblems of professional identity and official power, giving the suggestion of a life which is free from any type of physical toil.

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There are different types of business suits available today. Among them are single-breasted suits, double-breasted suits, as well as other types such as British suits, Italian suits, and American suits. It is very important to select the appropriate suit for the occasion that you are preparing for. After all, the business suit that you need to choose will depend on the specific type of event that you are planning on wearing it. For example, for a job interview, a suit that is either single or double breasted is a good choice. On the other hand, a double breasted black business suit is perfect for a power meeting.

Business Suits Stores

Men’s Black-Solid Reaction Suit Separate Jacket by Kenneth Cole

This modern style business suit is made of 70% polyester and 30% rayon. It can only go through dry cleaning only. The two-button suit jacket features notched lapel, hacking flap pockets at its sides, four-button cuffs and side vents.

Kenneth Cole REACTION Men's Black-Solid Suit Separate Jacket

Complete the set with the Kenneth Cole Reaction Pants. Made from the same material. Featuring a flat-front silhouette and slant pockets, with a zip-button closure and hemmed bottom.


Men’s Solid Two-Button Center Vent Suit Separate Coat by Haggar

This business suit from Haggar is made of 65% polyester with 35% viscose rayon, which means that it can only be maintained through dry cleaning. It is a two-button suit coat which features a notched collar, four-button sleeves and a center back vent with its flap pockets and single chest pocket. Since the material used is medium light weight, it is not too heavy, perfect for moving comfortably for work and business use. This means that it is not too warm for summer wear as well, but not thick enough to give you warmth for the cold.

Haggar Men's Solid Two-Button Center Vent Suit Separate Coat

Since this separate coat is sold as an individual, you can easily complete the set by also purchasing the plain-front pants:


Including the vest:


Men’s Gray Business Office Professional Three-Piece Suit by CMDC

This product is especially made by hand, using only high-quality and natural materials. This business suit is available for product customization without any extra charge, via Amazon. The package comes with pants, clothes and vest.

CMDC Men's Gray Business Office Professional Three-piece Suit D180

Men’s Two-Piece Classic Fit Office 2 Button Suit by P&L

This business suit is made of 65% polyester, as well as 35% rayon wool touch feel fabric. With this kind of material construction, it is perfect for dry clean only. This single breasted jacket comes with a classic modern fit and cut, with 2-buttons, notch lapel, as well as dual side vent jacket. Available in various colors.

P&L Men's 2-Piece Classic Fit Office 2 Button Suit Jacket & Double Pleated Pants Set

The suit set comes with a pants too:


Heather Black Three Piece Modern Slim Cut Suit for Men

This modern ensemble is composed of a suit jacket, a matching vest, and trousers. It is also complete with sophistication down to the very last detail. Featuring a single breasted jacket with a center vent with a slim notch lapels and 2 button closure, it comes on a great low price. The jacket has a left chest pocket and flap pockets.

3 Piece Modern Slim Cut Suit for Men - Heather Black

Men’s Suit 3-Piece Two Button Blazer Jacket Flat Front Pants by Salvatore Exte

This business suit is perfect for an all year round use, making it a great investment to be added in your closet. It comes in a vested modern fit men’s suit, single breasted, 2 button, dual side vent jacket. At the same time, the flat font pants also come with a 6-inch drop, while the suits are listed in US sizes. It is perfect with its modern fitted cut and look, with flap pocket, notch lapel, and 3-piece suit. It also features 5-button matching colored vest and 3 outside pockets, as well as an adjustable belt at the back of the vest.

Salvatore Exte Men's Suit 3-Piece Two Button Blazer Jacket Flat Front Pants

Conclusion and Recommendation

Different types of business suits may be found at most specialty stores, as well as from online sources, including Amazon. There is a wide range of choices that you can choose from, such as the options presented above. They come in different types of materials and construction, as well as colors, and several other features. There are different types of business suits that you can take into consideration adding to your personal wardrobe. As shown in the options provided, there are also several brands selling business suits in various sources these days.

Among the items included in the list, the business suit from Kenneth Cole is a recommended option for most of the modern business men these days. It comes with features that are highly comfortable, elegant to look at, and completely reasonable when it comes to price. Most reviews are positive, saying that this business suit is a bargain for the price. Contours great to the body shape. Arrives in great packing and on a proper suit hanger. The workmanship is also of high quality, perfect for any business use.