Double Breasted Suits for Men

Double breasted suits are back with a complete vengeance and a lot of people love every bit of it. This type of suit used to be a staple in the wardrobe of every man. Now, they are considered for an amazing creation of sartorial splendor. These days, double-breasted suits have been modernized and are currently on the rise again. Better features, leaner, still as masculine, elegant, and powerful just as ever.

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A double-breasted suit is naturally dressier compared to its single-breasted sibling. These suits have often been connected with 90’s investment bankers or 40’s mobsters in the past. However, things have changed now. The modern double-breasted suits bring their wearers to new heights when it comes to stylistic expression. As a result, some have actually turned this suit into something that serves as their signature piece.

double breasted suit example

The modern version of the double-breasted suit is characterized by higher armholes and trimmer sleeves. This creates a sharper and cleaner look. It also comes with a slimmer fit which creates a modern, subtler silhouette. The wide peak lapels of these suits also create an impression of having a wider chest, while focusing the eyes up for an illusion that gives height.

Double Breasted Suits – Shop Options & Reviews

OK, we’ve concluded that double breasted is the type of suit you need. Let’s take a look at some of the most recent best selling suits online:

Two Piece Double Breasted Suit by Gino Valentino

Made of 91% wool and 9% silk. The jacket is a modern fit with a peak lapel. It features a hand pick stitching with a canvas front and a ticket pocket. Additionally, it has working sleeve buttonholes made using a lightweight fabric. The pants are single pleated, which makes them good even if you’re not a slim-fit type of person. The suit is perfect for all-year-round use. Overall, it represents a modern business cut, perfect for use in the office environment, or any event that you want to attend.

Two piece double breasted suit by Gino Valentino

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Double Breasted Classic Fit Suit by Vinci

Available in several colors, including: black, blue, grey, brown, navy blue and beige. A regular fit suit with six-button peak lapel jacket, made of polyester and rayon. It has two front flap pockets and a chest welt pocket, with non-functioning buttoned cuffs. The pants are partially lined classic fit, with an unfinished hem. Include a hook and button-fastening closure. It has a nice overall score. In fact, more than 72% of the people who bought this suit rated it as perfect.
Double breasted classic fit suit by Vinci

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Men’s Double Breasted Suit by Alain Dupetit

This double-breasted suit from Alain Dupetit is made using the patented SuitTech. It comes with a custom straight pocket jacket, as well as nonpleated front design pants. The pants also feature a zip fly with button closures and dual straps. In addition, the pants arrive unhemmed, which means that you can tailor it according to your height and preferences. This suit can be machine washed and tumble dried at low heat. However, as a reminder, you just need to turn the jacket inside out as you dry it.

Men’s double breasted suit by Alain Dupetit

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Double Breasted Suit Jacket by Paul Fredrick

This set is made of linen. It also comes with a six-on-two double-breasted front, peak lapel and ventless topper. It is also fully lined using a scalloped facing. This suit is perfect for year-round use, which means that it is great for any season, thanks to its high-quality material and lightweight fabric.

Double breasted suit jacket by Paul Fredrick

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Double-Breasted Business Suit Vest by Hanayome

This double-breasted suit vest from Hanayome is made of 65% cotton and 35% polyester. This set can also be customized without any additional charge. Recommended maintenance for this vest is dry cleaning only. Most reviews about this product praised the fact that it is very comfortable to use and has met the expectations of those who ordered it. Others, however, had to wait for months in order to get the right fit.

Double-Breasted business suit vest by Hanayome

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Casual Double-Breasted Jacket by Coofandy

These double breasted jackets are made of cotton blend and polyester. It comes in a slim fit style, which means that it can hug your body tighter compared to other fit styles. It gives that classic appeal, yet maintaining that modern look. This makes it perfectly matched even with sneakers on. Play with your imagination and artistic creativity by mixing and matching it with other outfit pieces.

Casual double-breasted jacket by Coofandy

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Conclusion and Recommendation

Indeed, the double-breasted suits have made its way from the elite men’s group. They have become a mainstream demonstration of power in recent years. It is also a great way to give attention to your physique, thus making a bold fashion statement. The above-mentioned options on beautifully tailored suits have been designed in order to accentuate the waistline. Giving a more refined look overall, double-breasted suits are perfect when you are attending a VIP meeting or a regular formal event. This outfit is a sure dress-to-kill move that will certainly make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

There are several choices when it comes to double-breasted suits. Our choice goes to the double-breasted regular fit suit by Vinci. It has received many positive reviews from the people who purchased it online. More than 75% rated it perfectly, making its way in the top 50 suits on Amazon. Choosing the two-piece double-breasted suit by Gino Valentino is a good choice, too. It gives you a complete and full benefit of the double-breasted suits. In order to select the best one for your needs, it is often advised to check the specific features that you want to have and compare them with the options available.

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