brown plaid blazer, pants, and full brogue shoes

Brown Plaid Blazer, Blue Shirt, Navy Paisley Tie, Brown Pants, Brown Derby Shoes

brown plaid blazer

Brown Plaid Blazer

blue button-down dress shirt

Blue Button Down Shirt

navy paisley tie

Navy Paisley Tie

brown pleated dress pants

Brown Pleated Pants

brown brogue derby shoes

Brown Brogue Derby Shoes

This outfit features a brown plaid blazer that adds a rich, textured look. It is perfectly suited for settings that appreciate a classic style with a twist. A blue button-down shirt underneath provides a fresh pop of color, complementing the earthy tones of the blazer. A navy patterned tie introduces an additional layer of sophistication, integrating subtly with the overall color scheme. Brown pants match the blazer, enhancing the cohesive feel, while brown brogue Derby shoes complete the ensemble with their intricate detailing and traditional charm. Ideal for meetings or social events that require a polished yet distinctive appearance.


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