grey blazer. white shirt, black foulard tie, black pants, black oxford shoes

Light Grey Blazer, White Shirt, Black Foulard Tie, Black Pants, Black Oxford Shoes

light grey blazer

Light Grey Blazer

white dress shirt

White Dress Shirt

black patterned tie

Black Patterned Tie

black dress pants

Black Dress Pants

black oxford dress shoes

Black Oxford Shoes

Begin with a grey blazer for a versatile and stylish foundation. Pair it with a crisp white shirt to maintain a clean and professional look. Add a black foulard tie for a touch of elegance and texture. Choose well-tailored black pants to ensure a streamlined silhouette. Finish with black Oxford shoes, polished to perfection, for a refined appearance. This combination is perfect for semi-formal occasions and business settings, offering a sophisticated and cohesive outfit.


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