charcoal plaid blazer, white polo shirt, charcoal pants, and black loafers

Grey Plaid Blazer, White Polo Shirt, Charcoal Dress Pants, Black Loafers

charcoal grey plaid check blazer

Charcoal Grey Plaid Blazer

white polo T-shirt

White Polo T-Shirt

charcoal grey pleated dress pants

Charcoal Grey Pleated Pants

black suede penny loafers

Black Suede Penny Loafers

This ensemble features a charcoal grey plaid blazer that adds a dynamic pattern to the sophisticated styling. It’s paired seamlessly with charcoal dress pants for a unified look. The white polo shirt under the blazer introduces a casual yet crisp element, refreshingly contrasting the darker tones. Black loafers complete the outfit, providing a sleek finish that enhances the overall formality while maintaining a touch of laid-back elegance. Perfect for semi-formal events or casual business settings that allow for a smart casual dress code.


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