navy blazer, blue striped shirt, black pants, and black loafers

Navy Blazer, Blue Striped Shirt, Black Pants, Black Loafers

navy blazer

Navy Blazer

blue striped dress shirt

Blue Striped Dress Shirt

black dress pants

Black Dress Pants

black penny loafers

Black Penny Loafers

A navy blazer with a blue striped shirt creates a sharp, professional look. The navy blazer should be well-fitted and structured to provide a polished silhouette. Choose a blue striped shirt with a subtle pattern to add visual interest without overwhelming the outfit. Opt for black pants that are tailored and slim-fit to complement the blazer and maintain a sleek appearance. Complete the look with black loafers, ensuring they are well-polished for a refined finish. This combination offers a balanced, sophisticated outfit suitable for professional and semi-formal occasions.


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