navy blue blazer, grey turtleneck, charcoal pants, and brown loafers

Navy Blazer, Grey Turtleneck, Charcoal Pants, Brown Suede Loafers

navy blazer

Navy Blazer

taupe turtleneck

Taupe Turtleneck

charcoal grey pleated dress pants

Charcoal Grey Pleated Pants

dark brown suede loafers

Dark Brown Suede Penny Loafers

A navy blue blazer layered over a soft taupe grey turtleneck forms a sophisticated combination, perfect for cooler weather. The charcoal pants offer a smooth transition in shades from the lighter grey to the deeper navy, crafting an elegant, cohesive look. Dark brown suede loafers add a rich texture and a pop of contrasting color, completing the ensemble with a touch of refined casualness. This outfit is ideal for business casual settings or weekend outings, offering both warmth and style.


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