Best Prom Suits for Men

It’s now time for you to prepare for your upcoming prom! One thing that you really have to look into while preparing is your prom suit! This task is quite challenging, since unlike other types of suits, prom suits should carry your personality really well. Yes, not every suit can be used as a prom suit. With modern trends currently being introduced in this category, it is very important to make sure that you choose one that is modern, trendy, and can represent your personality.
By choosing the right prom suit for yourself, you can feel the confidence that you deserve during this very important event in your life.

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You will certainly feel like a special individual even though you may have to go with your squad. When it comes to choosing the best prom suits, you have the option to express yourself really well in bold colors and prints, even giving that more urban aesthetic, as well as a stylish three piece choice. You can choose whether you would like to have a regular fit suit, or a slim fit option. You can also customize your outfit, in order for it to reflect your own style and taste.

Prom Suits Stores

Slim-Fit Royal Blue Velvet Paisley Blazer & Trouser Tuxedo Suit by STZ 

This prom suit is available in royal blue color. It also comes complete with blazer and trouser, perfect for proms, as well as other formal type occasion. The set also includes 1 button tuxedo dinner style suit, as well as unhemmed trousers for varying length.

STZ Mens Slim Fit Velvet Paisley Blazer & Trouser Tuxedo Dinner Suit royal-blue

Three-piece Slim-Fit Suit Set with Two-Button Tuxedo Vest by Mondaysuit

This prom suit is made of 65% polyester and 35% rayon. It comes as a slim fit fitted prom suit, with striped 3-piece suit item that is sold as a set, which also means that mix and match options on sizes are not available. The top is made of a double vented jacket and 4 sleeve buttons, notched lapel, 2 flap pocket and 2 inner pockets which also include 2 coin pockets. On the other hand, the bottom features a flat front free length pants which come with an extended waist strap with slanted side pockets.

MONDAYSUIT Men's SLIM-FIT 3-Piece Striped Suit Set with 2-Button Tuxedo Vest

Red Devil Party Costume Suit With Adjustable Hem Tape by Opposuits 

If you want to appear adventurous during your prom night, why not try this red prom suit? It is made out of 100% polyester? It is included in a unique collection, which means that it comes with real suit pockets, both in and out, with lining buttons, belt loops and others. This is equipped with the details that you would want to see from a unique suit.

OppoSuits Red Dress Suit For Men (Slim Fit) Colored Blazer Jacket, Pants and Tie

Slim-Fit Single Breasted Peaked Lapel One-Button Jacket

Modern and casual jacket, perfect for occasions like prom or other party type. Made of 60% Polyester and 40% Rayon. Suitable for dry clean. It’s a one button closure jacket in a slim fit style. It might look a little bit smaller than expected.


One Button Slim-Fit Satin by Sebastian Taheri 

This prom suit is made of 65% polyester, 35% viscose with 100% polyester lining. The jacket comes in a beautifully cut slim fit, 1 button closure, satin shawl lapel, 4 satin buttons on each of the sleeves, and side vents. The pockets also come with 3 interior pockets and 2 outer besom pockets. The pants are also slim flat front with no pleats. It also has 2 side pockets and 2 back pockets and buttons.


Three Piece Crown Jewel Paisley Tuxedo Vest Set

This suit is made using 100% polyester. The entire set also includes a pocket square, a vest, as well as a necktie. The set is made of excellent quality construction. It also features a strap in the back in order to adjust width. If you want to appear as a standout in your prom, this suit is perfect as it comes in various colors, including purple, red, yellow, blue and so on. Overall, it comes with a full back tuxedo vest style. Aside from proms, it is also great for use on other formal occasions, awards and events.

Crown Jewel Purple Paisley Tuxedo Vest Set

Conclusion and Recommendation

The prom night is certainly a highlight event in any young person’s life. It is one of the earliest formal gatherings that you can be part of, which means that you definitely have to look nothing but your very best. This can only be done by selecting the right prom suit that will look good on you. At the same time, since your younger passion to stand out fuels you, choosing a trendy suit that will shout your personality out is also a good choice.

As such, you can experiment with the recommended options above. One bold choice is the Slim Fit Royal BlueTuxedo Suit by STZ, allowing you to really stand out from the rest. On the other hand, if you want to just be safe with your choice, a classic One Button Slim-Fit Satin by Sebastian Taheri is also a good option for you. Regardless of your choice, getting a prom suit that makes you feel comfortable will certainly make the event a perfect one for you.