Three Piece Suits for Men

Rather than go for the standard suit that you have always been seen wearing on any event, why not spike up your looks by looking sharp on that next formal occasion that you are planning to attend? Three piece suits are back in the fashion scene in a very big way. They are effortlessly contemporary and stylish, and are often preferred on business, proms, weddings and many other events. As a matter of fact, it’s best choice by far for any formal occasion.

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The modern designs may also be worn on casual night events, enabling you to stand out from the rest of the crowd at any social events with your mystifying look. The use of three piece suits can be well complemented by using a slim fit shirt and a pair of cufflinks.

three piece suits example

Three piece suits also complement individuals who are stylish and adventurous with their fashion statement. With different colors, styles and shapes to choose from, finding one that will perfectly represent your personality will not be difficult at all. These types of suits perfectly combine together classic and modern touch of fashion, thus creating a fusion that is perfect for any modern man.

Three Piece Suits – Shop Options & Reviews

Three-piece suits are a modern twist in nowadays business class. Both stylish and vigorous, these type of suits provide the look of determination to its wearer. Lets take a look at some of the bestsellers on Amazon:

Three Piece Slim-Fit Suit by Haggar

Made from 65% polyester and 35% viscose, this is a perfect slim-fit suit example. The coat and the pants come separately, though. It has a two buttons slim fit suit coat with notched lapels and flap pockets. Excellent for work and business meetings:

Heather slim-fit suit by Haggar
Additionally, you can complete the set with the slim fit flat-front pants by Haggar, designed specially for this jacket. Crafted with the same material of 65% polyester and 35% viscose. Two off-seam pockets at front, two pockets at the back, with a zip fly and hook closure:

Heather slim-fit pants by Haggar

His set has a tailored-fit five button vest too, making it the perfect slim fit three-piece suit:

Heather slim-fit vest by Haggar

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Slim Fit Three Piece Suit Set by Poshawn

The complete package includes a vest, jacket and pants. It comes with a single breasted jacket with one-button closure and 4 detail button on its cuff. In addition, the interior is French facing and fully lined with single back vents, 2 flap pockets and a welt chest pocket. What most users love about this suit is that the material is very comfortable and light weight, perfect for any event.

Slim fit three piece suit set by Poshawn

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Three-Piece Suit by Salvatore

This set features a vested regular fit men’s suit. It includes a single breasted, two button, and a dual side vent jacket and flat front pants. Besides being a classic suit, it also comes with a modern fitted cut and look.

Three-piece suit by Salvatore

In addition, other features include a flap pocket and 5-button matching colored vest that comes with three outside pockets with an adjustable back. This three piece suit is certainly perfect for an all year round use, making it a great investment added right into your closet.
Three-piece suit vest by Salvatore

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Black Three Piece Suit by Elegant

Available in black color, this suit is made of high quality fabric wool touch. It means that dry cleaning is its recommended maintenance option. The set features two button, three piece notch lapel suit, with flat front pants and side vents jacket. The pants come in a flat front style, and are free length, which means that they are not hemmed for you to make sure that fit is appropriate to your needs.

Two-button three piece regular fit suit by Elegant
It also comes with a vest with an adjustable back:

Two-button three piece regular fit suit vest by Elegant

The flat front pants perfectly match with the side vents jacket:
Two-button three piece regular fit suit pants by Elegant

A suit made in quite extraordinary and elegant design. Perfect for any formal event, or any occasion which requires a formal looking attire and appearance.

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Three-Piece Vested Suit by Kenneth Cole

This set is constructed using 60% Viscose and 40% Polyester. As such, recommended maintenance is only dry cleaning. It comes in a slim fit, 3 piece tailored suit. What most users love about this suit is the fact that it is classy enough to make you a standout in any event. As a three piece suit, you can enjoy its classic appeal, combined with a modern touch.

Three-piece vested suit by Kenneth Cole

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Men’s Three Piece Suit by Alain Dupetit

This suit from Alain Dupetit is composed of 65% Tetron and 35% Rayon, making it very breathable, comfortable, smoother, softer, and very easy to wash compared to other suits that are made of pure wool or cotton. Available in many colors, it really satisfies most of the customers. In fact, more than 75% of the people who purchased this suit, rated it as perfect. Besides, the price is really cheap when it comes it a suit of that quality.

Men’s three piece suit by Alain Dupetit

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Three Piece Slim-Fit Suits by CMDC

The material is made up of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. As such, this suit is only recommended for dry cleaning only, and not safe for machine or hand wash. According to certain reviews of the product, the suit is just awesome for this money. It comes with a very good quality and good design. Looking perfectly for any occasion.

Three piece slim-fit suit by CMDC

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Conclusion and Recommendation

These days, three piece suits have been introduced as a fusion of modern and classic look. They served as an essential part of the executive wardrobe back in the 1930’s. However, three-piece suits have visited the modern fashion scene again. This style has become the favorite among those in the corporate business climate. The only difference is, as reviewed in the list of options above, the modern three piece suits have become more structured and slim.

Each and every item on the list above comes with its own set of features. Your choice highly depends on your personal taste and preference. Poshawn’s Slim Fit Three Piece Suit comes with features that can provide you with that corporate look you need. Besides, you can enjoy a good sense of fashion at the same time.

However, our choice belongs to the three piece vested suit by Salvatore Exte. The classic fit suit is available in multiple colors and belongs in the top 10 suits on Amazon’s listings. It’s a perfect business attire, representing power and determination. Besides, it’s really cheap and affordable, totally worth the price.

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