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3. Few Things to Know Before Buying Your First Suit

There’s a variety of suit styles (like single-breasted and double-breasted), each with its unique fit, and the primary occasion for which you’re buying the suit can dictate the style and color choice. Classic and versatile colors like navy blue or charcoal are recommended for first-timers. Additionally, the material of the suit plays a significant role, with wool being the most versatile fabric. But options like cotton and linen are also available depending on climate and preference.

dress code types for men

Understanding the Dress Codes

Different occasions have distinct dress codes. The suit you’d wear to a semi-formal wedding differs from what you’d don for a black-tie event. Before buying, clarify the purpose of the suit and the nature of the event you’ll be attending.

different suit styles and types for men

Picking the Right Suit

There’s a variety of suit styles, each with its unique components and features. Discover how to select the appropriate suit style for specific occasions and dress codes.

how should a suit fit?

Getting The Right Suit Fit

Have you chosen the perfect suit for yourself? Now, let’s step into this sartorial masterpiece. Discover how a suit should fit and recognize the key details that define a well-tailored suit.

suit, shirt, and tie color combinations

Picking the Right Colors

Matching the right colors for your suit, shirt, tie, and even shoes, plays a crucial aspect of your overall image. Learn the “scientific method” on how to make the best pairings according to the color wheel that we use.

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