If you want to show your best, you should explore the finest men’s dress shirts.

A dress shirt is often the unsung hero of any man’s outfit; it can make or break his look in the most subtle ways. In fact, more factors go into a great dress shirt than many people realize.

This article will discuss seven essential considerations for determining your ideal shirt.

We’ve also researched several name-brand dress shirts that best meet our determined qualities while keeping the price tag under $300.

Finally, we will look at various ways to wear your new shirt.

Top 15 Best Dress Shirts for Men

Men’s dress shirts are an essential but often underrated tool in a man’s wardrobe. The right dress shirt can elevate your style and the formality of your suit.

how to wear a suit with a dress shirt

Alternatively, it can even shape your suit into a more casual outfit. It is one hardworking piece of fabric.

The color of your dress shirt is significant. Choosing a dress shirt to wear with your suit is more than just picking a color you like.

Your dress shirt must be the right color to match the suit, but it must also fit the occasion. For example, if your dress shirt is too casual for a formal event, your entire suit won’t look proper.

how should a dress shirt fit

Above all else, pay attention to your shirt’s fit. Make sure you’ve got a dress shirt that fits you perfectly.

It won’t matter what your suit looks like if it is baggy or too tight because all eyes will be on your unfortunate dress shirt.

The Milano Stretch Slim-fit Dress Shirt by Brooks Brothers

slim-fit white stretch dress shirt by Brooks Brothers

You can buy this shirt in blue, pink, or classic white. It’s available in slim-fit, but there are other shirt fit versions available as well.

The fabric is pinpoint, woven from Supima cotton and spandex. This gives the shirt a bit of stretchiness.

The Milano dress shirt for men has an Ainsley collar, making this an ideal business shirt. It also features French cuffs to heighten the shirt’s classiness.

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Slim-fit Dress Shirt by Calvin Klein

stretch slim-fit pink shirt by Calvin Klein

If you are looking for a variety of colors, Calvin Klein has your back.

This non-iron dress shirt for men is available in white and nearly 40 other colors, spanning a variety of shades. It is primarily cotton but includes a little bit of spandex.

The shirt has a spread collar, a modern take on the traditional shirt collar. It also features adjustable barrel cuffs.

There’s no front pocket, which makes this dress shirt slightly dressier than it would be otherwise.

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Trim-fit Dress Shirt by Nordstrom

Nordstrom trim-fit white shirt by David Donahue

Nordstrom calls this shirt “trim-fit,” which is another way of indicating that it’s a slim fit. It comes in either white or sky blue and is 100% cotton.

This shirt features a spread collar as well as button cuffs that are rounded and adjustable. It also includes a French placket in the front.

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Extra Slim-fit Classic Dress Shirt by Suitsupply

Check out this wonderful light blue dress shirt for men by Suitsupply. It’s made of cotton, which makes it feel really soft. It also comes in white.

This extra slim-fit shirt has a classic collar and single-button barrel cuffs. It’s also wrinkle-resistant and made from pure cotton.

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Jetsetter Stretch Dress Shirt by Bonobos

Jetsetter stretcj white shirt by Bonobos

If you require a dress shirt with options, look no further.

You can order this shirt in over thirty colors, in solids and prints. In addition, you can choose between spread or semi-spread collars and between pocket vs. no pocket.

There are three fit options available: tailored, slim, or standard.

The only non-optional parts of the dress shirt are the double-button cuffs. This shirt is a blend of cotton, polyester, and lycra.

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Skinny-fit Herringbone Dress Shirt by Calvin Klein

Slim-fit herringbone white shirt by Calvin Klein

This is a pretty standard dress shirt for men, available in a dozen solid color choices made from pure cotton. It’s a very contemporary shirt, featuring a slim-fit cut.

You’ll find standard features on this dress shirt, such as a spread collar and a two-button adjustable cuff.

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Slim-fit Dress Shirt by Tommy Hilfiger

Slim fit blue shirt by Tommy Hilfiger

You can pick from seven colors for this Tommy Hilfiger dress shirt, including white, blue, a range of pastels, and even an unusual cayenne. It is made entirely from cotton and doesn’t need ironing.

This dress shirt offers a slim-fit cut, a spread collar, and adjustable cuffs.

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Slim-fit Dress Shirt by the Banana Republic

standard fit white shirt by Banana Republic

You’ll be able to decide between blue or white with this dress shirt. The material is 100% wrinkle-resistant cotton.

You can adjust the barrel cuffs on this shirt, and it features a spread collar.

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Slim-fit Button-Down Dress Shirt by Brooks Brothers

slim-fit plaid blue dress shirt by Brooks Brothers

These dress shirts fall more on the casual end of the spectrum. They are available in either blue, navy, or purple and all have very subtle checkered patterning.

These Brooks Brothers suits are slim fit and constructed from stretch royal oxford fabric, a cotton and spandex blend. It includes a button-down collar as well as double-button barrel cuffs.

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Regular-fit Poplin Solid Dress Shirt by Van Heusen

Van Hausen regular fit white shirt

You can get this shirt in one of almost two dozen color choices. It’s made from poplin fabric, a cotton weave.

It’s a traditional classic-fit dress shirt that has a point collar. It also has adjustable cuffs and sports a front pocket.

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Modern-fit Dress Shirt by Amazon Essentials

Slim fit light blue slim fit shirt by Amazon Essentials

Here’s a pure cotton dress shirt that is cut in a modern-fit style. You can order it in white, light blue, lavender, black, or one of several plaid options.

It sports a spread collar and adjustable barrel cuff sleeves.

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Regent Regular-fit Dress Shirt by Brooks Brothers

Regent regular-fit checkered pink dress shirt by Brooks Brothers

This dress shirt is white with a plaid print over it, in light blue, navy, lavender, or pink. It’s a regular fit and is a twill fabric woven from cotton and elastane.

You’ll find an Ainsley collar on this dress shirt and standard barrel cuffs.

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Slim-fit Button-down Gingham Dress Shirt by Tommy Hilfiger

Slim-fit pink gingham shirt by Tommy Hilfiger

You can find a large diversity of shirt colors here, with several shades of blue. There is also pink, red, green and grey, and lavender.

This cotton dress shirt has adjustable cuffs and is cut for slim-fit. It has a button-down collar.

The nature of the collar makes the shirt somewhat casual. Still, there is no front pocket, which prevents it from being completely relaxed.

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Regular-fit Dress Shirt by Calvin Klein

regular-fit white dress shirt by Calvin Klein

You can get this non-iron dress shirt in dozen solid color choices. The material is 96% cotton and 4% spandex, so the fabric is both stretchable and moisture-wicking.

This regular-fit dress shirt for men has a point collar and adjustable barrel cuffs.

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Classic-fit Button-Down Dress Shirt by Nordstrom

classic-fit blue cloth dress shirt by Nordstrom

This classic-fit dress shirt is available in traditional colors: blue, white, navy, or black. It’s constructed from 100% Supima cotton.

Basic features of this dress shirt include a button-down collar and rounded, adjustable button cuffs.

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Finding the Best Men’s Dress Shirts: Things to Consider

The shirt color is the first thing people might notice about your shirt, but there are many other important factors to consider.

different dress shirt colors

If a shirt is not well-made or inappropriate to the occasion, your entire carefully considered outfit is a bust.

Here are some tips to help you determine the finest men’s dress shirts that match your needs.

The Quality

The quality of a dress shirt should be an obvious consideration. Sometimes it is worth the reminder, though.

We can get blinded by an attraction to a specific style or color and forget that the item is supposed to be well made.

A high-quality shirt will pay off in the long run. It will last many years, always look nice, and be comfortable.

When assessing the quality of a men’s dress shirt, you want to be sure that it is made of good material. In addition, it should feel sturdy and not look cheap.

Comfort is another important component of quality. When a shirt is uncomfortable, it either has an improper fit or is low-quality.

The Occasion

Before purchasing a dress shirt, you need to know your purpose for wearing this shirt. For example, dressing for the office is quite different than dressing for a wedding.

Wedding attire dress code for men

You will need to identify your occasion and let that guide you when picking out what is appropriate. You must consider the material, the color, and if the dress shirt should have a pattern.

For example, a bright, flashy shirt would never be appropriate for a funeral or the office. However, it might be just fine for a wedding.

The Material

This will be the number one factor in the comfort of a dress shirt. Nobody wants a shirt that will make them feel itchy, sweaty, or too stiff.

Play it safe and stick with a common shirt material such as oxford or poplin. These are the best for everyday wear.

Another good option is the cotton shirt. So as long as these fabrics have been manufactured properly, they will construct a comfortable shirt.

poplin dress shirt fabric

A material that is easy to care for is vital. Life is much easier when you can machine wash your dress shirts rather than take them to the dry cleaner.

The Style

No matter what you wear, it is important to feel like yourself. Forcing yourself into a style that you are uncomfortable with will only make you feel awkward.

There are many dress shirt styles to choose from. In addition, there are different collar and cuff styles, various front plackets, and back pleat types.

If you’re interested in learning what completely defines a shirt, I advise you to read my complete dress shirt styles and types guide.

different front placket styles

Discover which cut of shirt you look best in. Stick with cuts and styles you are comfortable with. Choose one that flatters you, rather than one that is trendy.

If you don’t wear dress shirts frequently, it might be smart to buy versatile shirts, like Oxford shirts. That way, all occasions are covered.

The Cut

Although there are many different cuts for men’s dress shirts, three are basic and best to consider if they are right for you.

slim fit vs. modern fit vs. classic fit dress shirt

A classic fit is a traditional cut for dress shirts worn by generations of men. They are pretty boxy. They work just fine with a jacket but look shapeless without a jacket.

Slim fit is another popular cut. It is slightly more constricting because it has no excess fabric. Besides, this style looks very nice without a jacket.

A modern-fit dress shirt tapers at the waist, offering more shape than a classic fit. At the same time, it is less constricting than a slim-fit dress shirt because it has plenty of fabric.

Thus, modern fit can be the best of both worlds.

The Fit & Size

It is crucial to ensure that your dress shirt fits properly. Aside from the discomfort of wearing ill-fitting clothing, a poor fit reflects badly on the dresser.

The shirt and sleeve length is usually a good indicator if the shirt’s size is right for you, although it’s not enough.

dress shirt torso fit

If the shirt is too large, it looks baggy and puffy. Also, material billowing out of your pants after tucking it in is a bad look.

If the shirt is too tight, it strains at the buttons and pulls the fabric apart, and you risk looking like a sausage.

A suit jacket may hide some of the excess material but won’t hide the loose-fitting shirt’s front. So it’s always a must to go for well-fitting dress shirts above all else.

The Color

Selecting the right shade of a dress shirt for an occasion is also essential. The right shirt color should be in perfect balance with the suit.

A simple white shirt is always a winner.

Are you going to a formal event? Then a white dress shirt is a must since it is the best and most formal color choice.

how to match a green suit and a white dress shirt

If you need a dress shirt for a casual event, try out a print or opt for a bold color. A casual setting is an ideal time to experiment with your style.

If you are dressing for an in-between occasion, such as the office, a solid shirt in a basic color is your best option. Try a pale blue or pink if it is appropriate.

13 Best Men’s Dress Shirt Brands

Now that you have determined how to know what type of dress shirt will suit you best, it is important to find one that suits your budget.

Sometimes it is worth spending extra money on a quality piece of clothing, but it is entirely possible to find an excellent dress shirt for under $150.

Here are some of the top choices and brands on the market:

Hugo Boss

hugo boss logoHugo Boss is a brand synonymous with modern luxury. This company has been in business for generations and is known for its excellent quality.

If you are looking for nice-looking dress shirts for men that are read as refined, Hugo Boss should be one of your first considerations.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein logoSince 1968, Calvin Klein has built a reputation for versatility and chic fashion. It is a bold and sexy global brand that also happens to be affordable.

Calvin Klein dress shirts are built for comfort as well as style. They offer several fits, including an extremely slim fit.

Usually, their shirts are usually non-iron and from stretch material, so they are easy to care for.

Ermenegildo Zegna

Here is a bonus option; these are some of the best dress shirts and are typically a bit pricey but can sometimes be found for less than $300.

These beautiful shirts are machine washable but may not be put into the dryer. Instead, they will need to be ironed.

You might be pleasantly surprised by their hidden-button collar. In addition, Ermenegildo Zegna offers shirts in every color of the rainbow and a variety of fabrics.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is the quintessential American fashion brand. They offer a line of non-iron dress shirts and stretch fabrics.

Their shirts are versatile with adjustable cuffs and varied collar styles, including button-down collars. Slim fit shirts are also an option.

Most of the Tommy Hilfiger shirts do not have a pocket, which can increase their formality level.

Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers logoBrooks Brothers is an outstanding company that is known for its suits and dress shirts. Their shirts are lightweight, so they feel very breathable.

Brooks Brothers shirts are offered in several styles: Madison fit (classic), Regent (slim fit), Milano, and Soho. All are moisture-wicking and quick-dry.

Proper Cloth

Proper Cloth is a huge name in the dress shirt industry, offering a wide range of shirts under $150.

Their custom dress shirts will surely amaze you. In addition, they are offering a vast array of shirt fabrics you can choose from, specifically for every occasion.

Tie Bar

The Tie Bar logoTie Bar is a brand that offers versatile collections of dress shirts for men. The company’s care for its customers is well-known, making them a desirable option for men’s attire.

Tie bar shirts come in different patterns, colors, and designs. Their prices are amazing as well, totally worth so check them out!

Van Heusen

Van Heusen offers easy-to-care-for and highly affordable dress shirts. In addition, they offer a variety of fits, such as regular, slim fit, and cuts for big and tall men.

These aren’t your standard dress shirt fit categories; their sizes are usually represented with numbers, making it a perfect choice for every wearer.

Their poplin shirts are thin, so they may end up as your go-to summer shirt. Be warned, however. They may not be quite no-iron, as they claim.

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Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is a brand known for its quality. It offers a trusted name and timeless fashion. But, when it comes to shirts, their designs are both contemporary and classic at the same time.

Ralph Lauren is generally a bit pricier, even for its shirts on the cheaper end. However, you are likely to decide it is worth it when you weigh their long-lasting appeal against other more affordable dress shirts.

J. Crew

J. Crew is a youthful, preppy brand. These two-ply cotton dress shirts are very lightweight, perfect for warmer weather. In cooler weather, you will definitely want an undershirt.

Classic and slim fit are the only fit options, and styles are limited, but there are many color and print options.


Bonobos logoBonobos shirts are designed with the goal of simplicity in mind. They keep their shirt selections easy to navigate. You can choose from one of three fits and then one of the multiple collar choices.

After that, you have many colors and patterns to decide between. Once you have combined each of these choices, you will have your perfect dress shirt.


Suitsupply logoSuitsupply takes a unique approach to their dress shirts. You can customize your choices on their website or visit one of their stores to consult with a tailor.

They can also custom-make shirts for you, which are also able to be ordered online.

Their two-ply fabric travels well. If you travel to work frequently, this might be your ideal outfit.

Amazon Buttoned Down

Amazon logoButtoned Down is the house brand for Amazon and is very well-reviewed. Made from luxury Supima cotton, these affordable dress shirts are durable and designed to last long.

These shirts are a great style at a great bargain. They come in three fits and a dazzling variety of colors. You can also choose between a pocket or no pocket.

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How to Wear A Dress Shirt

Dress shirts are much more than just something you wear under your suit jacket. A quality shirt can be used in many different styles and outfits.

You have spent all this time and effort learning how to get the best dress shirt for your money.

Don’t feel that you now need to hide it under your suit jacket! There are many different options to showcase your impeccable style choices.

Dress Shirt and Suit

When suiting up, the focal point of your outfit must be the suit. Therefore, keep your dress shirt simple and understated.

three-piece charcoal suit with cuffed pants

A suit is the most formal way to wear a dress shirt. Let the shirt rise to the occasion of the suit.

You need the dress shirt to match the color of the suit. A solid color is best with a suit, with a white dress shirt being the classic.

A pattern or print makes the shirt more casual. Be sure to go with a high-quality shirt; otherwise, it will bring your suit down a notch or two.

Dress Shirt and Dress Pants

The dress shirt is more prominent in this ensemble, so it is crucial to ensure that it is in good shape.

Also, be sure that the shirt is of similar quality to what you would wear with a suit. White dress shirts are also a good choice!

pink dress shirt with black pants and brown shoes

The shirt might not be hidden under a suit jacket, so fit is very important. Be sure that you have a style that flatters you.

This is still a dressy look but has a bit more flexibility. I don’t recommend a large print with this style, but small microprint or pattern would look very nice.

Dress Shirt & Khakis/Chinos

Khaki and chino pants are not as dressy as dress pants or suit trousers. However, that leaves more room for your shirt, making this combination best for most business casual dress codes.

When wearing khakis, you may want to opt for a more casual dress shirt material, such as cotton or linen.

white dress shirt and khaki pants

Khaki is quite versatile and matches almost every color. You will have an easy time finding shirts that look good with your khaki pants and can try a wide array.

This is even a good time to experiment with prints and patterns.

Dress Shirt and Jeans

For a great way to look sophisticated without trying too hard, you can pair stylish jeans with a shirt. It is a stylish look for a smart casual outfit.

white band collar shirt, dark jeans, and tan suede Chelsea boots

Your jeans must be in excellent condition to perform this style well. They must be clean, well-fitting, and with no holes or tears.

Your fashion quota will increase tremendously if your jeans are up-to-the-moment and stylish. In addition, you will impress others with your impeccable fashion sense when you pair a shirt with nice jeans.

Final Words

A dress shirt is the hardest working piece of clothing a man can own. It is called upon for every dressy occasion, most business occasions, and even casual settings.

If you have defined what top-choice dress shirts represent, you will wear flattering ones for years.

Perhaps one of the smartest sartorial moves a man can make is investing in several nice-looking, high-quality shirts.

With a few of these in your closet, you will never be caught without something appropriate to wear.

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