Slim-fit suits are an essential item in any man’s wardrobe.

You might not have the type of job to wear one daily, but you will need one for job interviews and other formal occasions.

Another interesting fact is that slim-fit suits are often referred to as Italian cuts. That’s because, in their essence, Italian suits were the first suits being tailored more closely to the body.

Sound like the right outfit for you? Let’s get it on, then.

Introduction to Slim-Fit Suits

A fine way to recognize and fit a slim suit is to know that the suit should “hug” your body, just not too strong.

It feels a little tighter than the regular one, and it looks that way, too. In addition, it should look close to the body and slightly more chest-opened.

what is slim-fit suit cut

Another important characteristic that significantly describes the slim-fit suit is its lightness. They feel thin and stylish as well.

Even slim-fit suits can be comfortable, thus allowing you to move freely without any issues.

Things to Consider

Suits are relatively expensive items, so purchasing one requires more thought and planning than you’d put into other items of clothing. Decide precisely what you want before buying one.

winter vs. summer slim-fit suit color differences

Would you prefer a single-button, two or three-button slim-fit suit? What shape of lapel do you prefer? Which colors and materials do you like?

Wool, for example, is always a good option as it works well for all seasons.

what is wool suit

If this is your first time buying a slim-fit suit, my recommendation will be a two-button navy slim-fit suit with a notch lapel made of wool. It is concurrently basic and classic and will stand the test of time.

how to wear navy cashmere suit

However, one thing to note is that choosing a slim-fit suit does not require the wearer to be slim.

Although, they look best on skinnier guys. That’s because they have a more body-hugging design than traditional, loose-fitting suits.

Calvin Klein slim-fit wool suit in dark navy colorKenneth Cole slim fit shirt in white color
Dotted Navy tie with with dots by Spring NotionBlack cap-toe Oxford shoes by La Milano

Suit: Dark navy slim-fit wool suit by Calvin Klein.
Shirt: White slim-fit shirt by Kenneth Cole.
Tie: Navy tie with white dots by Spring Notion.
Shoes: Black cap-toe Oxford shoes by La Milano.

Advantages of a Slim-Fit Suit

Wearing a slim-fit suit will give you a more modern finish than a classic suit can. It gives you a contemporary edge and always looks sharp and neatly put together.

Slim-fit suits fit the body closely without the excess fabric. But that isn’t to say they cling to like a superhero costume. On the contrary, a good slim suit will always allow comfort and ease of movement.

slim-fit suit cut features

The slim fit is a shape you wear, instead of hanging off you as if it were on a clothes hanger.

The jacket is cut narrower around the chest and waist, emphasizing your body shape instead of hiding it. When fitted correctly, slim-fit suits are incredibly comfortable and unrestrictive.

The biggest advantage of a slim-fit suit is that it gives off a brilliant, well-presented image. They never look baggy or rumpled. Wear it with a slim-fit dress shirt underneath to complete the look.

Even when you’re sitting down, the slim-fit suits maintain their shape better than a looser-cut suit.

Two vs. Three-Button Suits

Two-button jackets are the most widely available option in slim-fit suits. Almost every brand produces more of these than any other style.

The two buttons create a streamlined look that gives the suit a modern edge. And if you have a shorter torso, these timeless jackets will add length to your figure.

one vs. two vs. three button suits

Another option is a jacket with three buttons. These fasten higher on the chest and are very neat and comfortable. Style-savvy men always know to leave the bottom button unfastened.

If it is done up, it can cause the jacket to bulge around the stomach area. Not a very flattering look at all.

A rule of thumb states that the top button is occasionally fastened. The middle button is always done up as this creates a shape around the waist. The bottom button is never, ever fastened.

How to Fit the Slim-Fit Suit

There are several points on how to choose a slim-fit suit, all well described in this post.

30 suit basics on how to fit your suit

When you are buying one online, you need to measure your chest, waist, and arm.

The suit can easily look tight and narrow, not to mention that they look ridiculous when they are big and long.

If you cannot easily lift your arms while wearing the suit, most likely, it is just too small for you.

how to wear slim fit suit

Under each product, there is a size chart that gives the exact product measures. Slim-fit suits are sensitive, and the size has to be chosen precisely in your natural stance.

Achieve the Perfect Look

The whole purpose of your suit is to flatter the shape of your body. Therefore, it should hide your flaws and accentuate your shoulders and chest.

In addition, the suit should create a V-shape overall, which is very masculine.
The jacket closure

A slim-fit jacket should hang close to your body with very little extra fabric. Be sure that there is still some space for movement. It should not feel restrictive at all.

Remember, slim-fit does not mean that you are wearing a smaller size. Instead, it refers to a specific cut.

The sleeves taper to echo the pants’ cut and sit closer against the wrist than regular suit sleeves.

The suit jacket sleeve length

For the right fit, the collar should sit snugly around the neckline with no gaps. Always check if it’s not too tight.

The shoulder pads should end where your natural shoulder does, or just slightly over. It lets you move comfortably without making your shoulders appear too full.

The jacket shoulder fit

Slim-fit trousers shouldn’t bunch up around your shoes. You’re looking for a snug fit at the waist without needing a belt.

The waistband should sit near or on the natural waistline or slightly lower around the upper hip bones. Check for bunching around the butt area since this is a sure sign that you need a smaller size.

The pants seat fit

Want to learn more? Read the complete guide on how to fit your suit here.

Slim-Fit Suit Color Combinations

Particularly for guys with a smaller frame, adding some color can be a great idea. For instance, slim men look more substantial in a navy suit than they would in a black suit.

If you prefer suits in conservative shades, add color to your appearance with a dress shirt. A matching pocket square will complete the look.

Another stylish option is to team slim-fit black or charcoal trousers with a more colorful jacket.

Slim-fit suits color combinations

If you’re buying your first suit or only have a couple in your wardrobe, choose neutral colors you can wear everywhere. There are plenty of suits, shirts, and tie color combinations you can choose from.

Navy is always a good option. It’s a little darker than real blue and can be worn for day or night functions and on most occasions. Wear dark brown or black shoes to complete the look.

A couple of coordinating shirts create diversity in your wardrobe. One white shirt and one powder blue will give you the basics of a fresh and trendy outfit.

Top Choices

Slim-fit light-grey suit by Tommy HilfigerCharcoal grey slim-fit suit by Kenneth Cole UnlistedStretch slim-fit black suit by Calvin KleinSlim-fit navy suit by Kenneth Cole Slim-fit blue suit by Calvin Klein

#1: Slim-fit light-grey suit by Tommy Hilfiger.
#2: Charcoal grey slim-fit suit by Kenneth Cole Unlisted.
#3: Stretch slim-fit black suit by Calvin Klein.
#4: Slim-fit navy suit by Kenneth Cole.
#5: Slim-fit blue suit by Calvin Klein.

Dress Shirts and Slim-Fit Suits

Slim-fit suits are best matched with a nice and good quality dress shirt to enhance the look.

The dress shirt must be slim-fit as well. Because otherwise, it will look creased under the suit jacket.

To match the correct shirt fit and size, you must know that all shirt parts are equally important on their own, as they are together. That includes the shirt’s collar, shoulders, and sleeves as well.

For a quick reference, If the buttons are pulling even the tiniest bit, the shirt is too tight for you. On the other hand, if it feels like you’re swimming in the shirt, it’s too big.

Top Choices

Slim-fit white shirt by Amazon Essentials Slim-fit white shirt by Calvin Klein
Slim-fit light blue slim fit shirt by Amazon EssentialsSlim-fit pink shirt by Calvin Klein 

Who Can Wear a Slim-Fit Suit?

It’s essential to get the proper suit fit for your body type. To obtain a fine slim-fit suit silhouette, pay close attention to wrinkles. That’s why getting the right measures is the most important step in the process.

how should short men dress

You will generally wear a slim-fit suit if you have a medium to small build. But they can look great if you’re on the tall and thin side, too.

how should tall men dress

Men with large stomachs are probably better off with a more classic cut. That said, the bulkier guys out there can get away with a slim-fit suit by choosing the right jacket.

They should opt for a double-breasted rather than a two-button jacket. The twin rows of buttons help to deceive the eye into thinking the torso is narrower than it is.

Why Wear Slim-fit Suits?

Slim-fit suits are perfect for any occasion where a suit is called for. You can wear them to weddings, parties, business meetings, or job interviews.

summer wedding attire: how to wear slim-fit navy suit for the groom

They’re also ideal for any environment where you need to walk the line between formal and smart casual. Overall, slim-fit suits create a young, polished impression. And which guy doesn’t want that?

Men who embrace the concept of modern style and fashion usually prefer slim-fit suits. Therefore, it is perfect for men who work and want to maintain their reputation.

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