You may think that a cashmere suit is a far-fetched notion, something that only unbelievably rich people would wear for a winter outing.

However, that isn’t entirely true. Not only can you find a cashmere suit that won’t break the bank, but you can even wear a cashmere suit in the winter or the summer!

Sounds too good to be true? Here’s the truth behind cashmere suits.

What is a Cashmere Suit: The Basics

Before you can get a handle on wearing a cashmere suit, it helps to understand what cashmere is. It’s a particular type of wool that’s spun from yarn that’s made from goat fur.

what is cashmere suit

Specifically, the fibers come from the undercoat on the goat’s belly. It takes a long time to gather enough fibers to make anything since the fur must be shed naturally.

Cashmere originates from the Kashmir region in India. But today, humans raise Kashmir goats elsewhere, so it’s not confined only to India.

Cashmere is widely recognized as a luxury fiber. It’s super fine and incredibly soft.

But, it’s a costly material because of its supple feeling and the difficulty harvesting it.

Cashmere Suit Benefits

The main benefit is that cashmere is a very soft suit fabric that touches pleasant against your skin, which feels like a huge treat to wear.

cashmere wool suit fabric

Furthermore, cashmere is even more appealing if you suffer from sensitive skin because it’s hypoallergenic.

Wool makes some people feel uncomfortably itchy and can even cause a rash or hives. Nobody wants to feel that discomfort all day, and cashmere helps avoid that.

flannel wool suit fabric feels itchy

Another beautiful quality of cashmere is that it doesn’t wrinkle easily. Because the material is so fine, creases don’t easily set in.

That can be a blessing when traveling or working a very long day. And when your cashmere suit does wrinkle, the creases are far less severe than with other suit materials.

Cashmere gets a bad rap. Because it’s a luxury fabric, people assume that it must also be high maintenance. But that’s not true!

On the contrary, cashmere is relatively easy to care for. You mostly only need to spot clean your suit after wearing it. In addition, you only need to dry clean it on rare occasions.

Best Cashmere Suit Colors

Cashmere looks fantastic in nearly any color. However, consider gravitating toward dark colors to play up your cashmere suit’s formality because it’s such a refined, sophisticated fabric.

how to wear navy cashmere suit

Navy cashmere suits look very elegant and suave. This shade is luxurious to begin with, so pairing it with cashmere seems like a natural choice.

Charcoal is another excellent option, as it’s impeccably polished and extremely professional-looking.

how to wear charcoal cashmere suit

Black is always an acceptable option for cashmere. It’s serious and increases your suit’s formality.

Mixing and matching your suit pieces and colors is an excellent way to play with cashmere. For example, a navy suit jacket paired with charcoal trousers looks somewhat relaxed yet very smart.

How to Wear a Cashmere Suit for Winter

Cashmere provides excellent insulation during winter.

It traps your body heat inside the material, so you don’t lose your heat and essentially continuously warm yourself up.

Yet the fabric is breathable, so you stay warm without ever getting too hot.

how to wear cashmere suit in winter

Cashmere’s softness and gentle fuzzy nature add to your winter suit’s coziness perception.

And as a bonus, you can achieve this warmth without dealing with a thick, bulky fabric.

Cashmere Wool Blend Suit

One doesn’t typically see a 100% cashmere suit. It’s most commonly blended with wool.

A wool and cashmere blend suit is terrific because you can get the best of both worlds this way. You get all the benefits of cashmere plus the added durability of wool at only a portion of the cost of cashmere.

wearing navy blue wool and cashmere blend suit in winter

The addition of wool to your cashmere suit makes up for cashmere’s lack of structure. It doesn’t hold shape terribly well since it’s so fine; wool helps to give your suit better shape.

The only tradeoff is that you lose some of the softness of the pure cashmere. However, it’s still much softer than a pure wool suit.

Pair it with Other Cashmere Garments

You don’t need to avoid other cashmere clothing and accessories because your suit is made from cashmere! On the contrary, it’s a wonderful opportunity to drape yourself in richness completely.

Cashmere scarves and gloves are shorthand for luxury. These items are easier to obtain since they are more affordable than an entire garment.

These are lovely winter accessories because they are lightweight enough that you won’t feel stifled in them and can still move freely.

wearing a cashmere suit with a cashmere overcoat

The same can be said for a cashmere overcoat! Nobody enjoys a heavy bundle that needs to be carried around if you take off your coat.

A cashmere overcoat is easy to wear without feeling burdened and won’t cause you to feel encumbered if you carry it around. So you could say that cashmere’s an enjoyable bundle to carry.

How to Wear a Cashmere Suit for Summer

I’m sure that right now, you’re thinking I’ve jumped the shark in suggesting that cashmere is a good summer suit material. But hear me out!

Cashmere is surprisingly appropriate for summer suits, especially for weddings. They are lightweight and breathable, two essential qualities for a summer suit.

how to wear a cashmere suit in summer

Air can circulate through the weave of cashmere material, unlike many other warmer fabrics. But how can it keep you cool in summer and warm in winter?

Cashmere is an insulating fabric; while it keeps your body’s heat encased within your suit in winter, it also prevents you from getting hot in summer; your body heat won’t rise in the first place.

Ply count is critical. Single-ply is better for summer and two-ply for winter.

Look for Cashmere Blend Suits

Again, a blended cashmere suit material is best for retaining your suit’s shape and lowering its cost.

Cotton and linen are the two most popular summer blends with cashmere.

wearing tan (oatmeal) cotton and cashmere blend suit in summer

They are already summer fabrics, so they are a perfect fit. They retain their intrinsic value but with a touch of added softness from the cashmere.

And since linen is notorious for wrinkling easily, the addition of cashmere helps to reduce the propensity to crease.

Choose Lighter Suit Colors

If you’re wearing a cashmere suit in summer, it only makes sense to wear summer colors!

Light shades keep you cooler because they reflect the sun, preventing your suit from heating up. Plus, light shades go hand-in-hand with summer weather.

For instance, you can wear a light grey cashmere suit with a lightweight white dress shirt for a dressier look.

how to wear light grey cashmere suit

A different example of a tasteful summer option is an oatmeal cashmere suit. The color is light and casual, yet looks very handsome.

Light blue is another cheery summer color that looks natural as a cashmere suit.

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