The modern fit suit is the best cut choice for wearers who want a sleek look but want to feel comfortable while wearing a suit.

But what defines it and differentiates it from other common and widely accepted suit cuts?

What is a Modern Fit Suit?

The modern fit is a reference for a specifically trimmed suit cut. It’s characterized by a closer fit to the body and higher armholes than the classic suit, which it derived from.

Still, the structure allows complete body movement and comfort.

modern fit suit explained

Similar to slim suits, the modern fit suit provides a neat silhouette, strong body shape, and sharp overall appearance.

As such, it’s designed for a wider range of body types, compared to the slim and the classic fit.

Modern Fit vs. Slim Fit Suit

What defines the slim fit suit is the tailoring, adapted closer to the wearer’s body.

They give you an extremely contemporary look and elegance but can slightly restrict your body movement (or at least feel that way).

slim cut suits explained

What separates the modern and the slim suit jackets is mainly the cut on the chest. Slim-fit suits are trimmed more to the chest area, have higher shoulder points, and have close-fitted sleeves.

Slim pants are also slimmer if we compare them to modern-fit pants.

Modern Fit vs. Classic Fit Suit

The classic cut suits are loosely cut through the waist and the middle area, allowing the wearer to move more freely.

classic cut suits explained

In contrast, the modern cut has a closer trim in the chest area and a slight cut through the shoulder.

They tend to achieve the same free movement as the classic cut, with a significant improvement on the silhouette line.

Their pants also differ slightly. Modern-fit pants have a slimmer cut on the seat.

Finally, the waist on the classic cut pants sits slightly above the modern.

Modern Fit Pants

The slight tapering continues through the modern suit’s pants. The cut falls somewhere in between the slim and the classic fit.

modern fit suit pants vs. slim and classic cuts

The modern cut pants are not as narrow as slim pants. But since they are tighter than the classic fit, they will make you look thinner.

Match The Suit with a Modern Cut Shirt

The dress shirt is a partner-in-crime to a suit; Bonnie to Clyde, Robin to Batman. So, they have to match perfectly.

The modern suit type usually matches best with a modern-fit dress shirt. Compared to the slim variant, it provides more relaxed armholes and room in the chest area.

Modern fit dress shirt style

On the other hand, It’s slightly more tapered than the classic fit shirt, significantly improving your look. Even so, it still provides comfort like the classic variant.

Don’t get me wrong; you can still wear a classic or a slim-fit shirt. In fact, the dress shirt fit depends solely on your body size. It’s just that the suit and the shirt fit are often correlated.

Who Can Wear a Modern Cut Suit

Wearers who prefer a looser and relaxed cut but want to maintain a sharp look are going to love the modern fit cut.

Also, people who find the slim cut too tight and restrictive but the classic too loose and traditional usually prefer the modern cut.

In the meantime, modern fitted suits are perfectly filling the gap and tend to become the next widely accepted solution.

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