Beige isn’t a color that typically inspires much enthusiasm. Don’t let your eyes glaze over with boredom when you hear about beige, though!

Instead, you should be getting amped up to run out and buy a beige suit.

Beige is a versatile color choice that can level up your suit game.

Read on to discover how your closet can explode in a rainbow of colors with one neutral suit.

What is Beige?

The French coined the word “beige” to refer to the color of undyed wool. So beige is a creamy color that is the color of natural wool.

beige vs. tan vs. khaki vs. brown suit

Beige is a form of light brown but with yellow hues. It is lighter than tan, often close to the pale sand color.

Beige is frequently derided as a bland color. However, calling something “beige” might be considered an insult since it refers to people with no style or personality.

However, this neutral color makes an excellent palette for many wonderful color combinations. It is a very versatile suit, with limitless possibilities for creating looks.

The Formality of the Beige Suit

A beige suit is one of the most casual suits you can wear. A rule of thumb says that darker suits are more formal. So the lighter you get, the less formal it is.

In fact, beige suits are not ever good for a formal occasion. Beige is very laid back.

Light suits are ideal for warm weather or tropical climates. You can sport these suits around town for a smart casual look. But, if matched properly, you can wear one for summer weddings.

Beige suit made of Italian wool by Tomasso BlackKenneth Cole slim fit shirt in white color
Pierre Cardin solid navy blue tie Pre-tied beige bow tie by TieMart

Suit: Beige suit made of Italian wool by Tomasso Black.
Shirt: White slim fit shirt by Kenneth Cole.
Ties: Solid navy blue tie by Pierre Cardin or the pre-tied beige bow tie by TieMart.

Beige Suit Matching Colors

Beige is a neutral color, which means that it goes well with many different colors and shades.

Most colors will work well with a beige suit. More muted hues are ideal so that it matches the feel of the suit. But there are circumstances where bright, bold colors work too.

Blues go best with beige. They warm up the suit, without coming across as stark as black, for example. Blue is a complementary color to beige, as it sits opposite it on the color wheel.

beige suit matched with a pale blue shirt, brown shoes, and dark green tie

Adjacent to beige on the color wheel is pink. Varying shades of pink work very well with this suit. Because pink is a soft color, it has a very calming effect next to the beige.

Green and yellow are on the contrasting side of the color wheel from beige, so they can also work nicely with this suit. They accent the earthy tone from the beige’s brown and cream base.

And finally, pairing beige with darker brown or tan is an interesting monochromatic effect. The darker hues warm up the suit in a simple yet beautiful way.

Beige Suit and White Shirt Color Combinations

It may sound obvious to call a white dress shirt a classic, but not enough people give this hard-working shirt its due credit.

beige suit and white shirt color combinations

A white dress shirt ups the elegance of any suit, including beige suits. It is professional looking, which is why it has become the standard suit shirt.

To err on the conservative side of fashion, you can not go wrong with a white dress shirt. Sometimes, the simplest option is the best one.

Slim-fit beige suit by Calvin KleinSlim fit white shirt by Calvin Klein
foulard light blue tie by DiBanGulight-brown loafers by Cole Haan

Suit: Slim-fit beige suit by Calvin Klein.
Shirt: Calvin Klein slim fit white shirt.
Ties: Foulard light blue tie by DiBanGu.
Shoes: Light-brown loafers by Cole Haan.

Black Tie

A black tie paired with a white dress shirt is the most classic combination possible, no matter which suit you match it with.

This is the most formal way possible to wear a beige suit. It is a safe, conservative choice that always looks polished.

Black dotted tie with white dots by NauticaBlack solid tie by Amazon Essentials

Brown Tie

Adding a brown tie to your beige suit is a stunning way to keep brown fresh. This plays with a monochrome look but makes it interesting by varying the hues.

Brown is a warming color, and in small doses, it’s quite beautiful. With complementing accessories, a brown tie and a white shirt is always a winning combination.

Shlax & Wing foulard tie in brown colorStriped brown with white tie by Scott Allan

Beige and Tan Ties

Despite the monochromatic look, beige ties can sophisticate your look and enhance the formality of your overall appearance.

A white or beige tie or bow tie can also be a good choice for your wedding attire.

Tan, on the other hand, is a warm color, no matter what color suit you are wearing it with. If you are worried about looking a little too monotone, try adding some texture to your tie.

A nice knit tie would perk up your ensemble. It adds a surprise to this slightly monochromatic look.

foulard tan/beige tie by Calvin Kleinsolid beige skinny tie by TrendsBlue

Blue/Navy Tie

Shades of blue and shades of brown are a very classy color combination. Blue runs in a wide range of hues, and they will all work well with beige.

Navy gives off a bold and warm vibe. Light blue does the opposite by casting a cool and casual feel.

foulard light blue tie by DiBanGuDotted Navy tie with with dots by Spring NotionNavy white floral tie by Spring Notion

Dark Green Tie

It is a natural step to combine green with pink because they are complementary colors. Stay away from light green to avoid looking like a cartoon character.

Dark green, such as forest green, would be a very mature and unexpected turn.

Skinny dark green tie by Jemygins Solid dark green tie by KissTies

Beige Suit and Pale Pink Shirt Color Combinations

If you aren’t afraid to look sharp, don’t forget to include a pink dress shirt in your wardrobe.

Nobody expects to see a pink shirt, and sometimes it is so pale that people look twice. It can appear nearly white, surprising everybody in certain lighting when they realize they are wrong.

beige suit and pink shirt color combinations

So, for a fresh take on your beige suit, try out a pink dress shirt. It’s both modern and fun.

Beige suit made of Italian wool by Tomasso BlackTailored-fit white-stripe pink shirt by Buttoned Down
Dotted navy tie with with dots by Spring NotionBrown derby shoes by Vostey

Suit: Beige suit made of Italian wool by Tomasso Black.
Shirt: Tailored-fit white-stripe pink shirt by Buttoned Down.
Tie: Dotted navy tie with white dots by Spring Notion.
Shoes: Brown derby shoes by Vostey.

Navy Tie

A navy tie sobers up a cheery pink shirt. It balances out the bright color with a more muted one, creating a very polished look.

For the best look, choose a dark navy hue. But frankly, pink and navy are the perfect match in any shade. So, it’ll be easy to master this look.

Polka dot navy tie with pink dots by Kissties Striped Navy tie with pink stripes by Luther Pike Seattle

Pink Tie

To pull off this dapper look, wear a tie that is a shade or two darker than your shirt. Stay away from the same shade of pink; otherwise, your tie will get lost against the shirt.

Play with texture when wearing varying hues of the same color. It gives you an unexpected pop.

Blue-striped pink tie by Tommy HilfigerPink dotted tie by Laurant Bennet

Purple Tie

No color is more bold or royal than purple. Avoid pale shades of purple, and stick with darker tones.

This stark contrast against the light colors of the suit and dress shirt is very regal. The unexpected color splash will command attention.

Dotted purple tie with white dots by RetreezSolid purple tie by Kissties

Floral Tie

If you are looking to add a touch of fun to your beige suit, find a floral tie you like. This is an excellent way to add many colors at once. It is a flattering way to pull off a colorful and stylish appearance.

Purple pink floral tie by Spring NotionPaisley floral tie by Mantieqingway

Beige Suit and Blue Shirt Color Combination

For a breezy, laidback way to wear your beige suit, I recommend pairing it with a blue dress shirt. Blue is a cool, calming color. The right shade can create just the right relaxed look.

beige suit with a pale blue shirt

For a summer event or a casual picnic, blue strikes just the right tone.

Beige has blue-ish undertones, which are accented by adding a blue dress shirt. No other color will be more flattering than blue.

Three-piece beige suit by Alain DupetitSlim fit light blue slim fit shirt by Amazon Essentials
Solid navy tie by NyfashionBlack cap-toe Oxford shoes by La Milano

Suit: Three-piece blue-plaid beige suit by Alain Dupetit.
Shirt: Slim fit light blue shirt by Amazon Essentials.
Tie: Solid and skinny navy tie by Nyfashion.
Shoes: Black cap-toe Oxford shoes by La Milano.

Blue Tie

Accessorize your suit with a blue tie for the ultra-cool in laidback style. Pairing a blue tie with a blue dress shirt and a beige suit is the perfect ensemble for the perfect summer day.

For a playful and modern twist, turn the color on full blast by making it aqua blue.

Striped tie: blue color with red stripes by CPHDotted royal blue tie by Elfeves

Navy Tie

Navy is a very formal color. This is a great way to bump up the dressiness of your suit. If you need a dress casual summer outfit, a navy tie can turn your casual suit into what you need.

The navy will add a somber touch to your otherwise playful suit.

Striped dark blue tie with powder-blue stripes by Bows&TiesPierre Cardin solid navy blue tieDotted Navy tie with white dots by Spring Notion

Brown Tie

A brown tie can pull everything together in this color combination. It will produce a neutral look that is good for most occasions.

You can tie everything together very well by adding brown leather shoes and a brown leather belt.

Shlax & Wing foulard tie - brown color Striped brown with white tie by Scott Allan

Orange Tie

For a true sartorial surprise, add an orange tie! Orange is an undervalued color, which deserves more love. A pale orange against a blue background is a very unique, cooling effect.

If you are feeling very bold and daring, make it a dark orange tie.

Blue-striped orange tie by Tommy HilfigerFoulard orange tie by Nautica

Beige Suit and Checked Shirts Color Combination

A patterned dress shirt is a super casual approach to wearing your beige suit. Since beige is a neutral color, most colors are on the table. Depending on how casual you want to be, your color choice will dictate the message you send.

Beige suit with blue-stripes shirt and light brown shoes color combination

Gingham is the quintessential summer print. It is typically very lightweight cotton, which makes it very comfortable in warmer weather. The contrasting colors in this checker pattern make the shirt feel fresh and vibrant.

For a different effect, I suggest stripes. Vertical stripes will make this look cleaner and more relaxed. This may be an unusual direction for a casual suit but creates a very striking look.

Striped shirts are more sophisticated than gingham but still sends out easygoing vibes.

Beige suit made of Italian wool by Tomasso BlackRegular-fit blue shirt with white collar by J.Ver
White-dotted navy pocket square set with tie by Stacy AdamsDouble monk strap burgundy shoes by La Milano

Suit: Beige suit made of Italian wool by Tomasso Black.
Shirt: Regular-fit blue shirt with white collar by J.Ver.
Pocket square w/ tie: White-dotted navy pocket square set with tie by Stacy Adams.
Shoes: Double monk strap burgundy shoes by La Milano.

Shoes for Beige Suits

Because beige suits are warm-weather clothing, you need shoes that are also warm-weather appropriate. Your typical black or brown dress shoes may look too heavy and clunky.

wearing cotton and linen blend suit

A lighter approach, such as light brown or white, is entirely appropriate.

Light brown shoes are an excellent option because they can be versatile. You can dress them up with more formal suits or use them in a traditional style. Oxfords and brogues are fine choices.

Loafers are the essential casual shoe for this casual suit. If you are really looking to go full-on casual, try a pair of white shoes. White loafers or brogues are very striking, or you could even opt for white sneakers.

beige suit, white shirt, green tie, brown loafers color combination

It may feel very daring to wear sneakers with a suit, but it is very hip-looking. Just remember that if you choose white shoes, be sure they are not marked or scuffed up.

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