Even the most fashionable dudes struggle with putting together stylish summer outfits.

Hot temperatures put all fashion rules into question; is it even possible to dress well without sweating to death? Yes, it absolutely is!

Here are twelve awesome outfit ideas and some wardrobe staple suggestions to help you get started.

The Classic Executive

Temperatures may rise in the summer, but a man’s still gotta work. However, you can make a few adjustments to look and feel cool in a lightweight summer suit.

blue suit, light blue dress shirt, and brown loafers

If you choose a suit in a lighter shade, like pale blue or grey, you’ll still look professional without coming across as too harsh. Materials like cotton, linen, and seersucker are lovely but can be relatively casual.

For work, wool is an excellent choice; it can keep you surprisingly cool.

You can relax your summer style with a light-colored dress shirt. Substitute your tie with a playful, colorful pocket square; leave your collar open.

Finally, kick back with brown loafers, wearing invisible socks to seal the warm weather effect.

Summer Wedding

Unless you’re attending a formal evening wedding, you aren’t expected to go full-on suit for a daytime summer wedding. But you can still look dapper and respectful while loosening wedding etiquette rules.

tan suit, denim shirt, and navy blue loafers

Start with a lightweight fabric for your suit. Seersucker, linen, and poplin are ideal summer wedding materials.

Keep the color as light as possible, leaning toward beige, cream, tan, or a very light blue. This will also help keep you cool, especially if you’re going to be in the sun.

Create a fashionable contrast with your dress shirt. For example, a deep blue or navy against a cream suit can be soothing and bold.

Your shoes should reflect the laidback tone of your suit; loafers or nice boat shoes make a great summer choice.

The Smart-Casual Standout

Separates are fantastic year-round, but something about summer makes them even more divine.

light brown blazer, yellow polo shirt, white chinos, and brown loafers

They provide so much freedom when you dress, allowing you to mix and match. You also have more color combinations when you work with separates.

Start with a base of light-colored chinos, either khaki, light tan, or cream. If a dress shirt feels too heavy-handed for a relaxed summer look, switch it out for a polo shirt in a light shade.

Finally, top off your ensemble with a neutral blazer to secure your style.

Don’t ruin your relaxed style with lace-up shoes; slip into suede loafers in a medium shade. Avoid a dark color, which would unbalance this outfit.

Casual Friday Feels

Somehow, casual Fridays feel like a vacation in the summer. Don’t forget yourself, but do embrace the opportunity to kick back on these lighter days.

light blue button down shirt, blue jeans, and white sneakers

Denim is always a winner on your casual work days! Stick with fitted jeans on the dark or medium side for a cleaner look.

Definitely incorporate a button-down shirt, but opt for a light color to create a nice contrast with the darker jeans. Relax your look further by leaving your collar open and rolling your sleeves to your elbows.

You don’t get many chances to wear sneakers to work, so grab this chance. White or cream fashion sneakers are perfect, but they must be in great shape and not dirty.

Sunset Date on the Deck

As the sun goes down and you’re ready to wind down for the day, you still want to dress to impress your date. Thankfully, you don’t need to sacrifice comfort!

white short sleeve shirt, light brown patterned pants, and tan suede loafers

A short sleeve button-up is a nice nod to formality without being too confined. Notice the wide collar; it practically screams leisure.

Pair this shirt with slim-fit dress trousers with no break; they should show a lot of ankle. Suede loafers, worn with the sockless look, complement your pants perfectly.

Keep all colors a light, neutral shade. You’ll display an understated elegance that doesn’t appear to be trying too hard.

Brunch by the Bay

There’s nothing as relaxing as a leisurely meal on the water.

white polo t-shirt, navy dress shorts, and brown suede loafers

Your wardrobe can easily reflect that without looking like you just rolled out of bed. An uncomplicated color palette is part of the secret.

Wear a pair of dark dress shorts. Avoid baggy shorts; they should be well-fitted but without looking tight.

Top them off with a light polo shirt. White is ideal because it will be dressier than any other color.

This simple style looks best with dark suede or canvas loafers that are simple and unadorned. Keep the look sockless, of course.

Beachfront Bliss

You don’t need to give up your style when building sand castles and splashing in the surf. Instead, a few well-chosen articles can keep you looking smart even when you’re at play.

blue linen shirt with red swim trunks

Slip into fashionable swim trunks that don’t look baggy or garish.

A bright, simple print with only a few colors is understated enough to be head-turning. The trunks should be form-fitting but not tight.

Stay covered and protected from the sun with a linen button-up. A light blue shirt is perfect for fighting the sun’s rays, but roll the sleeves and leave many buttons open.

Rooftop Party Professional

One of the best perks of the summer is finding chic ways to party. So when hitting the local rooftops, impress your fellow party-goers with a simple, refined ensemble.

blue short sleeve shirt, white pants, black shoes

A short-sleeved button-down shirt starts you off right.

Then, relax the look by leaving several top buttons undone and keeping your shirttails untucked. This looks terrific with white slim-fit pants; roll the bottoms slightly.

Dark boat shoes create a nice counterweight to the light colors up top, keeping things comfortable and casual.

Yacht Club Chic

Somehow, boating doesn’t feel quite right without incorporating at least part of a seafaring uniform.

blue striped shirt with tan shorts

Also, long sleeves are an excellent way to keep the chill out since ocean breezes are so cooling. Go sailor-style with a lightweight turtleneck.

A turtleneck in a neutral shade looks amazing paired with a pair of navy trousers. Slim-fit, ankle-length pants are perfect for boating.

Complete the ensemble with white boat shoes for a preppy sailor style.

Sunny Day Stroller

How casual can you get for a breezy calming summer walk?

blue shirt, beige linen pants, and tan loafers

These cropped linen pants have an elastic waist, meaning you can move and lounge comfortably. However, these pants are more chic than couch-potato.

Complement them with a lightweight short-sleeved button-up.

Wear it over a tank top and leave most of the buttons undone but tuck it in ensure you look together. Roll up the sleeves one or two times to create a janty effect.

Of course, a stroll requires comfy shoes, so slide into some canvas loafers.

Prints Into the Mix

Make a clean, bold, large print a statement piece for your summer aesthetic. For example, toss on a printed button-up over a t-shirt and wear it open with the sleeves rolled up.

white t-shirt under a printed button-up shirt

Pair your summer print with relaxed, loose-fitting pants. Voila! Now you have a chic summer vibe that looks effortless.

Strata Stylist

Just because you’re spending a quiet weekend running errands, you can still look good while schlepping around town.

white and blue plaid shirt, blue jeans, and white sneakers

Pair some rolled jeans with a lightweight plaid shirt, leaving it unbuttoned over a plain white t-shirt.

This outfit feels custom designed to go with a pair of white fashion sneakers – sans socks, of course!

Summer Wardrobe Essentials

If you’ve got a dresser full of cargo shorts and graphic t’s, it’s time to consider a summertime wardrobe upgrade.

Don’t know where to start? Here’s a beginner list to build your new and improved warm-weather wardrobe.


Shorts won’t always cut it, even when it’s sweltering out. So it’s a good idea to keep a selection of lightweight options of long pants on hand.

summer pants

Cotton chinos and linen pants will help keep you nice and cool when shorts aren’t an option.

Stick with lighter neutral shades, like tan, light blue, and grey. They’ll help you feel cooler but are also colors that are very easy to match.

Jeans are heavier, but you don’t need to rule them out entirely. Just be sure to avoid a super dark wash and lean toward lighter shades.


Wearing shorts isn’t an automatic pass on keeping your style in check. (Although cargo shorts are a hard no.)

summer chino shorts

It’s still possible to look dressy in chino shorts. Fit is a priority; they should come to just above your knee and be fitted throughout.

Neutral colors are always a win, but black and navy are versatile colors that will be good to have on hand to elevate your level of dressiness. However, keep a couple of pairs of pastel colors on hand for some fun outfits!


Summer shirts offer many style options. From polo shirts to short-sleeved button-up dress shirts, you can cover a range of dressiness.

Even t-shirts can run the gamut; a fitted solid t-shirt can work with many outfits, including a casual summer suit. Or, wear a striped T-shirt with chinos or shorts for an entirely different look.

how to wear a khaki suit and white t-shirt

You can also dig into a wide range of colors for your many outfit options.

Generally, darker shirts work for dressier settings, while light ones are more laidback. Again, however, it’s all in what you’re pairing your shirt with.


For the most part, lace-up dress shoes don’t have a place in a summer wardrobe. Instead, a pair of shoes you can slip into feel much more appropriate.

Loafers are an excellent choice because they have so many styles that can be worn either for very dressy ensembles or as an afterthought for your most casual clothes.

wearing khaki pants and brown loafers

If you’re aiming for a more formal look, you’ll need leather loafers, but suede or canvas is better for informal settings.

Switch up from preppy loafers with other choices. Boat shoes are an old staple of summer and shorelines.

summer resort wear: white boat shoes

However, low-top sneakers are the universal choice for casual outfits year-round. Just keep them a solid color and logo-free, and they’ll work well.


A chill can creep into your summer evenings, especially if you’re near water. So don’t forget to incorporate some lightweight outerwear into your summer stylings.

bomber jacket style for men

A lightweight canvas jacket can help you stay comfortable when a light sweater or shep shirt isn’t quite enough.

Of course, it’s always a smart plan to keep a lightweight rain jacket handy in case you get caught in those summer showers.


Don’t let your accessory game fall apart when you’re changing seasons! Summer brings with it some great opportunities for new ways to add to your outfit.

Of course, sunglasses should be your number one accessory in the summer.

sunglasses resort wear

They add to your mystique but are also very important since they protect your eyes. Find the right frames that will complement your face shape.

Hats are another accessory that can add a splash to your outfit but are also beneficial. Whether you are a baseball cap kind of guy or not, have at least one or two hats on hand to shade your face.

the panama hat

Straw hats come in many styles, from Fedora to Panama; find what works best for you.

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