light blue blazer, grey T-shirt, white pants, and grey sneakers

Light Blue Blazer, Grey Crew-Neck, Beige Dress Pants, Grey Sneakers

light blue blazer

Light Blue Blazer

grey crew-neck sweater

Grey Crew-Neck Sweater

beige dress pants

Beige Dress Pants

grey sneakers

Grey Sneakers

This outfit pairs a light blue blazer with a grey crew-neck sweater, blending formal and relaxed elements for a versatile look. The crisp beige, off-white dress pants elevate the ensemble, providing a sharp contrast that enhances the lightness of the blazer. Grey sneakers complement the T-shirt and add a contemporary, laid-back finish. The look is perfect for occasions that call for smart casual attire. It includes weekend outings, casual Fridays at the office, or social gatherings where comfort and style are key.


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