Tracing its roots in the opulent courts of European royalty, the blue suit has long been a symbol of power and sophistication.

Today, paired with a striking black shirt, it merges historical grandeur with modern flair.

I am about to serve up some stellar outfit inspirations for you.

Tuxedo Nights

Black tie events call for the utmost grace. What better way to nail the look than with a midnight blue tuxedo?

Navy blue tuxedo, black dress shirt, black bow tie and black loafers

The peak lapels elegantly accentuate your shoulders. This creates a broader, more commanding presence.

In a sea of white shirts, rocking a crisp black dress shirt means you’ll stand out.

As your finishing touches, slip into those black penny loafers and tie your black bow tie. Don’t forget to casually loosen it at the end of the night to demonstrate your fashion prowess.

Who said formal can’t have a little fun?

Textured Suiting

The subtle interplay between the shirt and tie’s contrasting shades of black adds a dynamic edge. Hence, it’s the focal point of the outfit.

Blue checked suit, black dress shirt, black tie and black derby shoes

Anchor it elegantly with the suit’s understated checked pattern. Classic black derby shoes further elevate the formality of the ensemble.

While black dress socks are my choice, a pair of navy ones could also serve as a fitting complement.

Finally, accessorize with a matching belt. And voilà. You’ve got an ensemble perfect for a business-professional event.

Twist to Classic Wear

The tweed navy blue suit harks back to the sartorial elegance of yesteryears. At the same time, the slim fit tailoring infuses a decidedly modern twist.

Navy blue three-piece suit, black shirt and black Oxford shoes

The black dress shirt underneath, casually unbuttoned at the top, lends an air of refined nonchalance. Playfully peeking from the jacket, a pocket square introduces a hint of color.

The flat cap, a nod to early 20th-century British working-class style, complements the overall look.

Tassel Time

Eschewing traditional lace-ups, opt for a pair of polished tassel loafers. Present a dapper image by appearing sockless.

Navy blue suit, black dress shirt and black tassel loafers

The cuffed trousers, perfectly tapered, further lend an air of modernity and showcase the loafers with an almost European flair.

Each element, from the monochrome palette to the metallic accessory matching, is a deliberate and refined choice.

Heading to a cocktail party? This look is bound to get some head-turning.

The Three-Piece Power Play

Amidst the ever-evolving tapestry of men’s fashion, certain ensembles stand out.

Blue three-piece suit, black and white dress shirt and black derby shoes

Take, for instance, the regal blue three-piece suit – an ode to tailoring’s finest hours. Its vibrant hue tells stories of aristocratic soirées.

The black and white patterned dress shirt beneath is a canvas that blends the binaries of classic and contemporary.

Ground the ensemble with black derby shoes.

Night Owl

The suit’s deep, dark tones stand out strikingly against the light skin tone, creating a captivating visual interplay.

Navy blue suit, black dress shirt, black tie and black loafers

The subtle texture beautifully complements the black shirt beneath. Adding a black tie will further formalize this look.

Together with polished black loafers is a shining example of evening elegance. They contribute to the outfit’s formal credentials.

This uninterrupted flow of dark hues makes for a bold evening statement.

Effortless Panache

Pairing a light blue double-breasted suit with a black crew-neck sweater may seem audacious to some. To be fair, this is not for fashion novices.

Light blue double-breasted suit, black crew-neck sweater and brown loafers

Bring a grounding element with dark brown loafers, adding springtime warmth to the outfit.

The absence of a tie maintains the casual undertone while remaining impeccably stylish.

Read more on how to match blue suits with brown shoes here.

Polished in Polo

Who says suits are just for formal occasions?

blue suit, black polo t-shirt, and white sneakers

Break the mold with a blue suit and black polo t-shirt combo. It’s relaxed yet undeniably stylish.

White sneakers add a youthful twist. Weekend brunch or a laid-back office setting, you name it.

Fall Transitioning

Fall outfits are all about layers and textures.

Navy blue wool suit, black t-shirt, brown scarf and black loafers

Choose a classic navy blue wool suit as your canvas. Its natural warmth and texture make it the ideal foundation for a season of style.

Against this, a black t-shirt provides an understated counterpoint.

Smoothly transition from the relaxed cut of your pants to the impeccably stylish black loafers.

The brown scarf is your accessory hero. It brings warmth and a touch of earthy tones.

Less is More

Minimalism has its charm, doesn’t it?

Navy blue suit, black crew neck t-shirt and black suede loafers

This time, take the simplicity of a navy blue suit and combine it with an even simpler basic black crew-neck t-shirt. The result? Understated elegance.

Wear black or navy suede loafers for a dash of luxury. Sometimes, the simplest ensembles make the boldest statements.

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Essential Style Tips

Wearing a blue suit with a black shirt is not just a matter of donning the garments. Sure, the combination sounds simple, but the devil’s in the details.

Let’s delve into the fundamental style considerations:

Fit is Crucial

One thing I’ve learned in my years of styling is that suit fit is everything.

It should gracefully trace the contours of your body, offering comfort without appearing baggy or constraining.

If bespoke suits are beyond reach, pick a ready-to-wear option and head straight to a trusted tailor.

A suit tailored just for you can transform your entire look, making you not just wear the suit but own it.

Same thing for the shirt’s fit. It should be snug but not restricting. It’s all about feeling comfortable and confident!

Texture Play

Why emphasize textures? Because they invite the eye to linger, appreciate, and explore.

Think of the difference between a seersucker suit paired with a light-sheen shirt and a velvet suit with a shiny black dress shirt. The contrast is stunning!

A foulard tie pattern offers a rich complexity, while a suede belt or brogued shoes introduce a tactile depth.

Even the subtle grain of a leather watch strap or the plush nap of a velvet pocket square can add layers of intrigue.

Tie or No Tie

The age-old conundrum: to tie or not to tie? Ultimately, the answer lies in the mood and the occasion.

Wearing a blue suit with black shirt tieless vs. with tie

Nothing adds panache quite like a necktie or a bow tie for high-end events that demand a touch of formality.

If attending a business meeting in a sharp blue suit, complement it with a crisp black dress shirt and a sleek tie.

However, for a contemporary edge, consider forgoing the tie; it lends a relaxed and modern flair to your ensemble.

Planning for a date night? Unbutton that top one or two shirt buttons.

Even when it’s time for a wedding, it’s your cue to go all out, whether you wear a classic tie or feel playful with a bow tie.

Aim for Simplicity

Given that a blue suit paired with a black shirt is already a bold choice, it’s best to keep accessories to a minimum.

how to wear floral pocket square with suit

As you curate your wardrobe, remember: sometimes, the loudest statement is made in the quietest tones.

Over-accessorizing can overshadow the elegance of the outfit. A simple watch, cufflinks, and maybe a pocket square are all you need. Remember, less is often more!

Alexander Stoicoff
Author: Alexander Stoicoff

Hi, I’m Alex, and I’ve studied and specialized in styling in Rome. Through my writing, I want to help men dress well and learn the purpose and significance of suits and other formal attire. My final goal is to make men more confident in their wardrobe choice and life in general.