Navy Blazer, Navy Polo T-Shirt, White Dress Pants, Navy Loafers

navy blazer

Navy Blazer

navy polo T-shirt

Navy Polo T-Shirt

off-white dress pants

White Dress Pants

navy suede slip-on loafers

Navy Suede Slip-On Loafers

A jetted pockets navy blazer paired with a matching navy polo t-shirt. Together, they create a cohesive and streamlined look, perfect for both semi-formal and casual settings. The deep blue tones are sharply contrasted by crisp white dress pants, which add a bright and refreshing element to the ensemble. Navy suede loafers continue the monochrome theme, ensuring the outfit remains elegant yet effortless. This combination offers a polished appearance without compromising comfort. Ideal for events that call for a smart-casual dress code.


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