navy blazer, olive green polo shirt, white pants, and brown suede loafers

Navy Blazer, Olive Green Polo Shirt, White Pants, Brown Suede Loafers

navy blazer

Navy Blazer

olive green polo T-shirt

Olive Green Polo T-Shirt

off-white dress pants

White Dress Pants

dark brown suede loafers

Dark Brown Suede Penny Loafers

This ensemble begins with a sharp navy blazer, adding a refined touch. Beneath the blazer, an olive green polo shirt introduces a subtle, earthy contrast, providing a relaxed yet stylish underlayer. A pair of crisp white pants anchor the look. They brighten and balance the darker tones of the upper garments. Completing the outfit are luxurious brown suede loafers, which complement the overall color scheme while offering a sophisticated finish. This outfit is ideal for occasions that call for a smart-casual dress code, offering a blend of comfort and class suitable for both day and evening events.


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