navy blazer, blue striped shirt, and grey pants

Navy Blue Blazer, Blue Striped Shirt, Charcoal Grey Pants, Brown Suede Loafers

blue blazer

Blue Blazer

blue striped dress shirt

Blue Striped Dress Shirt

charcoal grey dress pants

Charcoal Grey Dress Pants

brown suede tassel loafers

Brown Suede Tassel Loafers

A navy blue blazer pairs exceptionally well with a blue-striped shirt, creating a refined and dynamic look. The stripes add a touch of pattern and depth, enhancing the blazer’s solid color. Grey pants offer a soft, versatile contrast that complements the blue hues, perfect for maintaining a professional yet approachable vibe. Brown suede loafers introduce a texture contrast, adding an element of casual sophistication to the outfit. This choice is ideal for business-casual settings or semi-formal social events where style and originality are equally important.


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