Navy blue blazer, brown turtleneck, grey pants, and brown loafers

Navy Blue Blazer, Brown Turtleneck, Grey Dress Pants, Brown Loafers

blue blazer

Blue Blazer

brown turtleneck

Brown Turtleneck

grey dress pants

Grey Dress Pants

brown suede tassel loafers

Brown Suede Tassel Loafers

This combination is both elegant and comfortable. A navy blue blazer with grey dress pants creates a classic and professional foundation. The addition of a brown turtleneck brings a touch of warmth and refinement, providing a cozy contrast to the cool navy of the blazer. This pairing is effortlessly stylish and suitable for colder weather. Brown loafers round out the ensemble, matching the turtleneck and enhancing the overall cohesion of the outfit. Ideal for business casual environments or semi-formal events during the fall and winter seasons


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