Many men aren’t familiar with the Balthus knot, but it leaves an unforgettable impression on anybody who sees it.

If you’re tired of the same usual tie knots and want to craft a unique style that will make people notice your fashion sense, a Balthus knot is a perfect way to start.

Grab the longest tie you have and start practicing to tie a Balthus knot; you might plan a night out on the town strictly to show off your new tie knot.

How to Tie the Balthus Knot: Step-by-Step

If you are looking for the most dramatic, stand-out tie knot, you need to meet the Balthus knot.

how to tie Balthus knot

This is as large a tie knot as you can possibly get to wear your tie.

A Balthus knot is so large that it overshadows even the Full Windsor knot, sets you apart, and elevates your style to a more eccentric and flamboyant look.

It’s a bit of a challenge to tie the Balthus knot; it involves many wrap-overs and loops that most knots don’t require.

The result of so much looping and tucking is a shortened tie end, so it may be best to use the longest tie you can.

Although this knot may be flashier than most others, it’s also very tidy. It gives you a super symmetrical cone, so it looks very put together.

Tie Around Neck

Balthus knot step 1: tie around neck

Drape the tie around your neck upside-down so that the seam faces up. Place the wide end on your right, and position it hanging very long.

Wide End Underneath the Small End

Balthus knot step 2: wide end underneath narrow end

Cross the wide end to your left, underneath the narrow end. Both ends are still upside-down.

Wide End Behind the Neck Loop

Balthus knot step 3: wide end behind the neck loop

Fold the wide end up toward your chin, right at the cross. Bring the tip down through the cross (neck loop).

Wide End Towards Right

Balthus knot step 4: wide end toward right

Once the wide end goes through the neck loop, pull it fully through and toward your right side. The wrong side should be facing out.

Behind the Neck Loop Again

Balthus knot step 5: wide end behind the neck loop

Fold the wide end up toward your chin and bring it right under the neck loop again.

Up Towards the Left Side

Balthus knot step 6: wide end toward left

Once the wide end is behind the neck loop, slide down through again, this time toward your left side.

Still, the wrong side is facing out.

Up Behind the Neck Loop Again

Balthus knot step 7: wide end behind the neck loop

Once again, fold the wide end up toward your chin and through the neck loop.

Down Towards the Right Side Again

Balthus knot step 8: wide end toward right

The wide end goes down one last time and toward your right.

Wide End Over the Knot

Balthus knot step 9: wide end over the knot

Cross the wide end over the top of the knot toward your left side. Now the right side is face up.

Tip Through the Neck Loop

Balthus knot step 10: wide end through the neck loop

Bring the tip through the neck loop from underneath, working behind the knot. Slide the wide end directly under the piece you just crossed over the knot.

Tighten the Knot

Balthus knot step 11: tighten the knot

Pull the end all the way down and slide the knot toward your throat to tighten.

Balthus Tie Knot Styling Tips

Because the over-large knot leaves your tie’s tail so short, you might consider pairing this knot with a three-piece suit.

the Balthus knot

You risk looking a bit goofy if your tie doesn’t reach your belt, but you can get away with it if you hide the gap with a vest. And as a bonus, the vest adds sophistication to your suit.

Don’t crowd the space at the base of your throat.

Avoid narrow collars in favor of widespread ones. You need a lot of room to accommodate this widest tie knot.

A narrow point collar will not give your knot enough space to unfurl. Don’t smoosh your tie.

The extravagant nature of the Balthus tie knot makes it rather unsuitable for business. Instead, save this for fun social occasions, like weddings. Use it to show your fun-loving and exciting personality.

three-piece suit with a Balthus tie knot

Avoid this knot style for conservative and solemn events; it might appear that you aren’t taking your setting seriously enough.

A solid tie doesn’t do this knot justice. It obscures the intricacies of the knot, so a print is better to show it off. Polka dots might look insignificant on such an ample surface, so try a larger pattern.

Paisley and sizeable floral print ties are perfectly dramatic for this knot.

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