I bet you landed here because you’re looking for something more than your average tee. Maybe to spice up your wardrobe or just curious about the different types of T-shirts.

The T-shirt world is vast and varied, with some styles you might never have even heard of.

Let’s dissect the T-shirt universe, feature by feature, to hopefully spark some ideas for your next wardrobe refresh.

Classic Crew-Neck T-Shirt

The basic crew-neck T-shirt is as straightforward as it gets – a silhouette that’s the spitting image of the letter “T,” with a round neckline.

crew-neck T-shirt type

It’s roomy enough for your torso, with just the right space for your arms to move freely.

Originating as an undergarment for sailors and soldiers, it has become a fundamental piece of modern man’s wardrobe.

Ideal for a casual look, it pairs effortlessly with jeans or shorts. Recently, it’s been a favorite to pair with suits for contemporary men.

The crew neck is also perfect for layering under a jacket or sweater. Pure minimalism – no frills, no fuss, and definitely no flashy graphics.

V-Neck T-Shirt

The V-neck T-shirt, as the name suggests, features a V-shaped neckline.

v-neck T-shirt type

This style adds finesse to the basic tee and is perfect for men who want to elongate their necks or show off a bit of chest.

Conceived originally to sit stealthily beneath a dress shirt, it offers a glimpse of its elegance without overshadowing its partnered attire.

Additionally, pair it with chinos or layer it under a blazer for a business casual ensemble.

Polo T-Shirt

With its collared neckline and button placket, the polo T-shirt strikes a fine balance between casual and formal.

polo T-shirt type

Usually made from sturdier fabrics, they are the most expensive shirt styles on this list.

Originating from the polo sports fields, it has become a staple for the old-money aesthetic. Its versatility makes it a go-to for everything from upscale social gatherings to leisurely weekend jaunts.

Team it with a blazer and dress pants for a polished look, or wear it with shorts for a more relaxed vibe.

Y-Neck / Henley T-Shirt

The Y-neck, or Henley T-shirt, features a button placket below a round neckline, forming a ‘Y’ shape.

Henley T-shirt style

This style combines the comfort of a T-shirt with a touch of formality.

The Henley originated from the uniform of rowers in the English town of Henley-on-Thames. Today, it’s a popular choice for a casual yet put-together look.

Pair it with jeans or layer it under a jacket for a rugged, masculine aesthetic.

Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

The long-sleeve T-shirt extends its sleeves to the wrist, making it ideal for cooler weather.

long sleeve T-shirt type

It started as a practical solution for workers to protect their arms. But has since become a fashion statement in its own right.

You can wear it alone for a clean look or layer it under vests and jackets.

It’s also great for playing with contrasts, like pairing a dark long-sleeve tee with light-colored pants.

Raglan Sleeve T-Shirt

Raglan sleeve T-shirts are characterized by diagonal sleeve seams extending from the underarm to the collarbone.

Raglan sleeve T-shirt

It owes the name and design to a British hero, Lord Raglan. After losing his arm at the Battle of Waterloo, he donned a specially designed coat with angled sleeves.

That allowed for better movement so he could still wield a sword in battle.

Nowadays, it has become a favorite among baseball players and skaters. Often found in two-tone designs, it’s perfect for a relaxed weekend outing.

Pair it with jeans or joggers for an effortlessly cool vibe.

Sleeveless or Tank Top

The sleeveless T-shirt, often called a tank top, is characterized by the absence of sleeves.

sleeveless T-shirt type

It typically features wide shoulder straps and a body-hugging design.

Modern interpretations have made it a bold fashion statement, often associated with beachwear or gym attire.

Whether heading out for a casual coffee run or a stroll along the coast, the tank top can be your cool companion.

Graphic T-Shirt

Graphic T-shirts are all about self-expression. They emerged as a form of individualistic fashion style in the 1960s and 70s, featuring bold prints, slogans, or designs.

graphic T-shirt type

These tees are a canvas for art, statements, and even humor.

They’re fantastic for specific settings – like a concert where you’re repping your favorite band (and know a few of their songs!).

On the other hand, they might not be the best choice for more formal occasions, even if you try to dress them up with a blazer.

Pair them with simple bottoms to let the tee do the talking, or layer them under a denim or leather jacket for an added style quotient.

Ringer T-Shirt

The ringer T-shirt is known for its contrasting colors on the collar and sleeve bands, offering a retro vibe.

ringer T-shirt type

This style first gained popularity among youth and musicians in the 1960s and 70s.

It’s a fantastic choice for those looking to add color and vintage charm to their wardrobe.

Pair it with jeans or chinos for a casual look or under a denim jacket for a more layered, edgy aesthetic.

Muscle T-Shirt

Muscle T-shirts, characterized by their tighter fit and emphasis on the arms and chest, cater to those wanting to showcase their physique.

muscle T-shirt

Originating from the bodybuilding world, these tees have become a mainstream fashion item.

They’re best worn in the gym with a pair of sweatpants or athletic shorts.

Hooded T-Shirt

The hooded T-shirt, or “hoodie tee,” combines the casual nature of a T-shirt with the added comfort of a hoodie.

hooded T-shirt

Favored for athletic pursuits or workouts, these tees often feature drawstrings for an adjustable fit.

They are crafted with either sleeveless designs or half-sleeves to aid movement and comfort.

On the more casual side, long-sleeved hooded tees offer style twists like ribbed sleeves, stripes, or bold prints, making them versatile for everyday wear.

Pocket T-Shirt

Pocket T-shirts feature a single chest pocket, adding a functional and stylistic element to the classic tee.

pocket T-shirt style

Designed for utility, the pocket tee has evolved into a fashion piece, often seen with contrasting or patterned pockets for a trendy twist.

Positioned on the front left side, these pockets range from small and subtle to larger statement pieces.

Some pocket tees play up the style factor with closed, square-shaped pockets that are purely decorative, often adorned with details like mock buttons or subtle metallic hardware.

Pair it with casual trousers, jeans, or shorts for a laid-back yet put-together ensemble.

Turtleneck T-Shirt

The turtleneck T-shirt, characterized by its high and close-fitting neck, is a stylish option for those looking beyond the basics.

turtleneck T-shirt type

This design, which gained prominence in the 20th century, is ideal for layering or as a standalone piece in cooler weather.

It’s a great way to elevate a simple outfit, offering a sleek silhouette.

Pair it with a blazer for a refined look, or wear it under a sweater for warmth and style.

Performance T-Shirt

Performance T-shirts are designed with functionality, often crafted from moisture-wicking and breathable materials.

performance T-shirt

Although intended for athletes, these tees are famous for active lifestyles or hot climates.

They often feature technical enhancements like UV protection and quick-dry technology.

Wear them for workouts or outdoor activities to stay comfortable and cool.

Choosing a T-Shirt: Things to Consider

Selecting the perfect T-shirt type is not just about grabbing the first one you see. A T-shirt can express your personality, a comfort piece, or a style statement.

This means considering the features that align with your body shape, the occasions you’ll wear it for, and the overall look you aim to achieve.

T-Shirt Style Features

The devil is in the details when it comes to T-shirt features.

different t-shirt styles for men you can wear with a suit

The neckline frames your face and can affect the impression of your body’s proportions.

Crew necks offer a classic look that suits most body types. On the other hand, V-necks can create the illusion of length and are ideal for those with shorter necks or rounder faces.

As for hems, the straight hem is timeless. On the contrary, a curved hem adds a contemporary edge and can be great for layering.

Elasticized hems create a blouson effect for a more streetwear vibe.

Sleeve types are equally important – each has its place, from the standard short sleeve to the elegant long sleeve.

Raglan and three-quarter sleeves provide a sportier look, offering comfort and style.

Fit is Crucial

The T-shirt’s fit can make or break your outfit, regardless of the type. And it’s not just about size; it’s about how the garment drapes on your frame.

A well-fitted T-shirt should skim the body without clinging too tightly, allowing room for movement and comfort.

Slim-fit T-shirts can accentuate your physique, but they shouldn’t restrict you. On the other hand, a relaxed fit can offer a laid-back feel, but it shouldn’t look baggy.

The shoulder seams should ideally align with the end of your shoulders, and the sleeves should hit around the mid-bicep area to balance the proportion.


Fabric choice is paramount for comfort, durability, and care.

Most types of T-shirts are made of cotton. It is a classic choice for its breathability and soft texture, making it a staple for everyday wear.

Blends like cotton and polyester offer added stretch and can maintain their shape better over time.

Performance materials are designed for active use, wicking away moisture and providing extra functions like odor control and breathability.

Consider the climate you live in and the maintenance level you’re prepared for when choosing your T-shirt fabric.


Finally, consider the occasion.

A graphic tee can be a conversation starter at a casual meet-up, while a solid color or subtle pattern works for more formal events.

graphic t-shirts in the 90s

Performance T-shirts are your go-to for sports and outdoor activities, while a classic polo can bridge the gap between casual and semi-formal.

Remember, your T-shirt sends a message about your style, so choose one appropriate for the setting to make the right impression.

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