Custom Tailored Suits for Men

If you want to dress for success, attention should be given to the way you dress. While classic suits can give you the points that you deserve, custom-tailored suits are often the most appropriate option. They can communicate clearly your professionalism and personality.

As a matter of fact, fashion and trends change all the time. However, tailored suits have proven to stay and have become a standard ever since they were introduced.

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Tailored suits are also designed to give you the comfort that you deserve while you work. They have also been created to face the stains and stress of business life.

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Custom-tailored suit makers are professionals who can assist when it comes to selecting accessories. Especially when emphasizing your best features. Aside from the main suit, you can also be assisted with selecting the accessories that can better emphasize your best features.

You may not have the skills and experience in choosing the best suit. However, you can be guided accordingly with your selection of a custom-tailored suit by reading the complete men’s suits guide.

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Custom Tailored Suits – Shop Options & Reviews

Once you learn the basics when it comes to suits, you can focus on finding the right suit for you. To get the perfect custom-tailored suit, you will probably need to hire a tailor. However, if that option is not possible, here are some of the best selling tailored suits online:

Tailored-Fit Suit with Separated Jacket and Pants by Haggar

This suit from Haggar is made of 65% polyester and 35% viscose. The two-button jacket has notched lapels, with double side vents. Maintenance of this product should only be done by dry cleaning.

The price is affordable and cheap. The suit is very comfortable to wear and looks far nicer than anyone would expect for such an affordable suit jacket.

Tailored-fit suit with separated jacket by Haggar

The set features a flat front dress pant in a straight silhouette. They include off-seam front pockets and rigid waistband, as well as a double button-through, welted back pockets.

The material is the same, polyester and viscose. Combine the jacket and the pants for the perfect modern business suit.

Tailored-fit suit with separated pants by Haggar

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Custom Tailored Fit Suit by Harry Brown

This two-piece suit comes with comes as a single vent design. It has two inside pockets and a pen pocket.

Since it’s a custom-tailored suit, you can get to enjoy a set composed of one jacket and a pair of trousers. No mixing and matching allowed, though.

Custom tailored fit suit by Harry Brown
The pants are flat-front and will give you the perfect silhouette. Nice and affordable, great deal for the price.

Custom tailored fit suit pants by Harry Brown

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Men’s Tailored-Fit Suit by Haggar

Made of 65% polyester and 35% viscose, it features a tailored twill suit coat with front flap pockets and notched lapels.

Top customer reviews show that this material is nice and can have the capability to stay wrinkle-free. In addition, the fit is not overly done, but it’s not too baggy at the same time.

Men's tailored-fit suit by Haggar

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It also comes with tailored twill pants. Hence, they have an off-seam side with welted button-through back pockets and a zip fly with hook closure. Really good set for a very affordable price.

Men's tailored-fit suit pants by Haggar

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Men’s Nathan Tailored Fit Suit by Tommy Hilfiger

This suit from Tommy Hilfiger is made of 100% wool, with dry clean as its only option for maintenance. It is also a trim fit suit that features a two-button jacket and flat-front pants.

Thus, its jacket features notched lapels, side flap pockets, welted chest pocket, and side vents.

Men's Nathan tailored fit suit by Tommy HilfigerThe pants arrived unhemmed so that you can still customize the length according to your preferences and needs.

Men's Nathan tailored fit suit pants by Tommy Hilfiger

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Men’s Gabardine Tailored Fit Suit by Haggar

The jacket and pants come separately, both manufactured using 100% polyester. This custom-tailored gabardine suit coat features front flap pockets with notched lapels and side vents.

As a matter of fact, what most users like about this suit is the fact that it is durable and very easy to wear. Hence, a great suit jacket for the price.

Haggar Men's Travel Performance Gabardine Tailored-Fit Suit Separate Coat

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To complete the set, you can combine it with Haggar’s gabardine tailored-fit pants. They have a plain front and off-seam side. The hook closure rigid waistband is a unique Haggar’s style too.

Haggar Men's Travel Performance Gabardine Tailored-Fit Suit Separate Pant

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Custom Tailored Modern Fit Suit by Marzotti

If you are interested in having a European modern look, this suit from Marzotti Eleganz is the best option to consider. It comes in a single-breasted, two-button, dual side vent jacket.

It is handcrafted, made of lightweight fabric. As a matter of fact, this makes it perfect for all year round usage. To maintain this suit, dry cleaning is recommended, instead of machine wash.Custom tailored modern fit suit by Marzotti

The suit also comes with modern semi-tailored flat front pants:

Custom tailored modern fit suit pants by Marzotti

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Conclusion and Recommendation

There are different benefits that you can expect when you choose a custom-tailored suit. In fact, you can experience massive confidence and at the same time inspire determination in others. Thus, choosing a tailored suit that fits you really well will work towards enhancing your self-image.

In like manner, handcrafted tailored suits will give you an amazing first impression. Most importantly, since these tailored suits fit your personal measurements, you can experience more comfort while you work.

There are different options for tailored suits that you can choose from. Some are known for their affordability, while others are heavily known because of the features that they offer. Most of them received positive feedback, coming from those who have already purchased these suits.

In our opinion, good options are the men’s tailored-fit Suits by Haggar. They usually come with a separate jacket and pants.

To identify which suit fits you best, it is better to check on the specific features that you want to find in a suit and compare them with the options available.

As mentioned, the good thing about these tailored suits is the fact that you can make sure they are well-suited to your needs and preferences.

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