Extra Slim Fit Suits for Men

Extra slim fit suits are characterized by an uncompromisingly narrow cut. This narrowest fit starts from the head and goes all down to the toe. All extra slim suits are closely tailored to the body type of the wearer.

The objective is to achieve an extremely sharp silhouette and diversity in styling options. You should still be able to move freely, though. Don’t mix the fit with the size of the suit.

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Extra slim suit jackets are usually designed with soft and rounded shoulders. Trousers are usually with a short rise, stuck up to the body. A fine example would look like this:

extra slim fit suit example

Extra slim fit suits can look severe, too. You don’t have to wear a classic suit to look professional. In fact, a perfect narrow line in the shoulders and torso can make you a lot more bound and determined.

To determine the pant waist measurement, subtract six inches from the jacket size.

Extra Slim Fit Suits – Shop Options & Reviews

Be extremely cautious when you shop for extra slim fit suits. Particularly when it comes to size. They have a narrow cut and are designed to project a clean silhouette.

For your convenience, we’ve reviewed here some of the best selling items on Amazon. Check them out:

X-Fit Black Slim Fit Suit by Calvin Klein

This two-piece slim fit suit includes a two-button jacket and flat-front pants. Moreover, it’s available in three colors: black, blue and charcoal.

The jacket has a notched lapel with side vents, featuring four-button cuffs, front flap pockets, and a chest welt pocket. In addition, it has the right interior pocket with button closure, too.

More than 60% of the reviews rated this suit as excellent, which is a great overall score after all:
X-fit two-piece suit by Calvin Klein

The partially lined pants feature button-through welt pockets at the back and tab closure with zipper fly:
X-fit two-piece pants by Calvin Klein

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Nathan’s Tailored Fit Suit by Tommy Hilfiger

Followed by a lot of positive reviews by the customers, this trim fit suit by Tommy Hilfiger is completely worth the money. It’s made of wool only and is available in several colors.

The suit contains a two-button jacket and flat-front pants. Additionally, the upper part lapel is notched and contains a welted chest pocket and side flap pockets. The expertly tailored side vents allow you to show your great physique shape.
Nathan's tailored fit suit by Tommy Hilfiger

Whereas, the pants feature a french fly, jetted back pockets, with an unfinished hem ready to be tailored for your perfect match.
Nathan's tailored fit suit pants by Tommy Hilfiger

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Mabry’s Extra Slim Fit Suit by Calvin Klein

Made 100% from wool, this is a perfect stripe extra-slim fit suit. Perfect for interview and business occasions.

Mabry's extra slim fit suit by Calvin Klein
Includes the same material pants, available in various lengths.

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Mabry Extra Slim Fit Suit by Calvin Klein

This extra slim suit is 94% wool and 6% other fibers. As such, it should only go through dry cleaning. It comes with a two-button suit with subtle tonal stripes.

The jacket also features a straight flap pocket with a welted chest pocket.

Again, the suit comes with matching pants. The hem is unfinished so you can easily match them to your body.

Stretch wool slim-fit light grey suit by Calvin Klein

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Extra Slim Fit Suit Recommendations

Among the items in the list, the Calvin Klein’s Mabry Extra Slim-Fit Suit receives several positive feedback reviews coming from the customers who have purchased this suit.

Some commend the fact that this design is perfect for summer use. Besides, the pants should hang quite well. 

At the same time, with the price of the Malik’s Extra Slim Fit Suit by Calvin Klein, you can really get a great deal when it comes to selecting a good suit under this particular trim fit category.

There’s one thing you need to be careful with extra slim suits ordered online. Quite often, they arrive not really fit for the wearer. The good thing is that you only need minimal tailoring to fix this.

Wrapping It Up

Fitting the best for a night-out, extra slim suits get the biggest impact nowadays.

When it comes to extra slim fit suits, it is very important to carefully measure your chest, waist, and arm sizes well and sticks to the dimensions.

They are perfect for men who need a narrow suit jacket in the shoulders and torso and a tight leg closure to the end.

Add a slim fit dress shirt and have the perfect outfit, whether it’s business or pleasure. 

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