In the realm of intellectual discourse, Jordan Peterson stands out for both his wisdom and unique sense of style.

Unraveling Peterson’s sartorial choices unveils a man who values sophistication, quality, and timelessness.

His wardrobe, primarily composed of formal attire and suits, echoes the principles he often discusses: order, responsibility, and the acknowledgment of tradition.

Jordan’s Take: Dress Like the Person You Want to Be

Dr. Jordan Bernt Peterson, a renowned Canadian clinical psychologist [1], has a pearl of wisdom for religious beliefs, ideological stances, and maps of meanings.

But beyond these intellectual pursuits, he also offers insightful guidance on attire, style, and fashion.

"dress like the person you want to be"

He believes fashion isn’t mere vanity. It’s a canvas where one paints aspirations, values, and self-respect.

In an era where every glance can turn into a networking opportunity, presenting oneself impeccably can pave the way to success.

Rise Above Passing Trends

The fashion craze, along with many garments with it, comes and goes. But class is eternal.

Peterson emphasizes the value of investing in a timeless wardrobe over fleeting high-street trends.

By doing so, you’re setting yourself apart, creating a signature look that’s all you.

Age Gracefully: Don’t Borrow From Your Kid

According to Jordan Peterson, society’s obsession with eternal youth has led many men astray in the fashion arena.

Dressing inappropriately youthful doesn’t freeze time; instead, it might just cramp your style.

But dressing appropriately for your age isn’t about being out-of-touch or antiquated.

It’s about understanding and honoring the journey of life, with each outfit narrating tales of personal growth, challenges overcome, and achievements celebrated.

True style, after all, isn’t just about the clothes you wear but about the life story they represent.

So celebrate your age and wear it with pride!

Channel Your Future Self: Dress for Success

Peterson strongly believes that our attire is a reflection of our ambitions.

It’s not just about “dressing the part” superficially; it’s a more profound commitment to the future version of oneself that we aspire to be.

Dressing for the role we want is a constant reminder of our goals, desires, and the path we’ve chosen.

Each tailored suit or polished shoe isn’t just a fashion statement; it’s a step toward our envisioned success.

dress for success

Every morning as you select your outfit, think of it as choosing the armor for the day’s battles. It’s not just about looking the part but feeling it deep within.

That way, you’re also building a mindset that prepares you to seize opportunities and turn dreams into reality.

After all, in the grand theatre of life, aren’t we all both the actor and the audience?

Visual Styling & Diving for Inspiration

Before redefining your style, take a deep dive into the digital fashion world.

Peterson recommends browsing fashion and lifestyle blogs (like Suits Expert), Instagram images, or Pinterest pins.

Curate looks that resonate with your personal brand, and soon, you’ll have a clear vision of your sartorial goals.

A Wardrobe That Lasts: The Merits of Quality Over Quantity

Dr. Peterson champions the idea of seeing our wardrobes as a worthy investment.

These timeless pieces not only last longer but elevate your style game effortlessly.

When it comes to suits, emphasizing the importance of quality over quantity is paramount.

cheap suit vs. expensive suit: cost and differences

Instead of being swayed by transient trends, choose suits that might cost more but are timeless, made of superior fabric, and fit impeccably.

Adopting the Peterson Wardrobe Wisdom

Taking to heart Jordan Peterson’s approach to fashion goes beyond merely adding new pieces to your wardrobe.

It’s an immersive journey into understanding yourself, recognizing your aspirations, and allowing these elements to shape and define your personal style.

But this isn’t just about a particular fashion style; it’s about weaving your life’s goals, stories, and personality into the fabric of what you wear.

In a world often caught up in fleeting trends and the latest fads, fashion’s real essence isn’t merely to fit in.

It’s to be distinct, to create an impression, and to make those around you pause and appreciate.

It doesn’t have to be strictly related to suits. But it must be related to you.

Make sure you’re noticed, but for reasons that genuinely resonate with who you are and what you stand for.

So, as you step out into the world, remember: it’s not just about looking good. It’s about telling your story.

Jordan Peterson’s Suits & Formal Attire

When it comes to formal wear, Jordan Peterson is unequivocally a “suit man.” His affinity for this classic ensemble is a visual testament to his respect for tradition and the values of craftsmanship.

Peterson’s collection boasts bespoke suits that have been meticulously crafted to his specifications.

Jordan Peterson's famous bespoke suit

These suits often feature in his public appearances, embodying the gravity and eloquence of his intellectual discourse.

A well-fitted suit, combined with careful attention to detail, encapsulates Peterson’s approach to dressing: purposeful, dignified, and rooted in classic sartorial standards.

Peterson’s Approach to Suit Colors & Patterns

When it comes to suit colors and patterns, his wardrobe reveals a preference for dark, traditional hues like black, navy, and charcoal gray.

Often, Jordan Peterson is seen wearing a navy suit paired with a white shirt and a navy or red patterned tie.

Peterson in a navy suit, white shirt, and navy patterned tie

The dark color of the suit gives him a sharp, authoritative appearance, while the contrasting shirt and tie add just the right touch of visual interest.

However, he can play it daring and chaotic, too.

I’m sure all have seen his blue and burgundy bespoke suit, resembling chaos and order, respectively, and the mere line between the two is what every man should aim toward – philosophically speaking.

Jordan Peterson in his burgundy blue suit

As for patterns, Peterson opts for simplicity. His suits are often solid or subtly patterned with timeless designs like pinstripes or herringbone.

Jordan’s Appreciation for Three-Piece Suits

In the pantheon of formal attire, the blue three-piece suit holds a special place for Jordan Peterson’s styling charm.

Jordan Peterson, 60 years old, wear a blue suit, white shirt, and navy/red patterned tie

But it’s not uncommon to spot Peterson sporting a brown three-piece suit as well, given how pragmatic he tends to look at things.

Jordan Peterson in a brown tweed suit

All three-piece suit choices mirror Peterson’s intellectual style – layered, nuanced, and intricate.

His Dress Shirt Preferences

Underneath his beloved suits, Peterson favors dress shirts that echo his sartorial philosophy – classic, understated, and impeccably crafted.

Predominantly, he opts for a white dress shirt. In addition to that, pale colors, like light blue shirts, are among his preferred choices.

dress shirts preference

These colors provide a clean canvas against which the rest of his ensemble can shine.

But he also wears striped shirts regularly, even with suits.

Finally, the fit of his shirts is as important as the choice of color. They are tailored to provide a neat, streamlined look that complements his suit without distracting from it.

Stepping Into Peterson’s Shoes: Footwear Choice

Jordan Peterson is often seen in classic, well-polished leather shoes that serve as the perfect finishing touch to his formal attire.

dress shoes preference

His style choices usually oscillate between oxfords, monk straps, and brogues, both traditional options that complement his suits.

Tie Choices and the Windsor Knot

Much like his other style choices, his ties lean towards subtle pattern designs and classic motifs. Peterson understands that a tie is a small but significant piece of the sartorial puzzle.

The stylish lobster tie design is among his most prominent garments, reminding you to stand up straight with your shoulders back.

the famous lobster tie

The tie knot he usually uses is, I think, the Windsor knot. It is yet another nod to classic men’s style, reinforcing Peterson’s preference for tradition and order in all aspects, including his wardrobe.

Casual Attire: Jordan Peterson’s Off-Duty Look

When off the clock, Jordan Peterson’s style remains consistent with his on-duty look: polished and purposeful.

Jordan Peterson in a more casual attire

He transitions his style for casual settings by opting for blazers and sport coats over suit jackets or switching from a standard dress shirt style to a patterned one.

Still, his casual wardrobe maintains a certain level of formality, whether he’s wearing jeans and a blazer or a shirt under a sweater.

It’s an approach that exudes a relaxed yet refined vibe.

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